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A to Z - The Alphabetic Year of a Harrier 2012/13

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The Alphabet Year of Littledown Harriers (2012/2013)

A is for AGM - That’s where we Began

B is for Barry - Our Marathon Man

C is for Chairman - It’s Goodbye to Steve

D is for Dorset   - The roads that we Weave

E is for Evenings  - We now run much More

F is for Fidelity - This year we had 4

G is for Groupings - Green, Pink & Blue

H is for HELP - Your CLUB still Needs YOU!

I is for INJURY - On this I won’t Dwell

J is for Jim Kerr - He’s recovered so WELL

K is for King’s Park - It keeps is on TRACK

L is for League Race - We’re there in the Pack

M is for MEMBERS  - Our Raison D’Etre

N is for Noticeboard - For Club news etc.

O is for ORANGE - That infamous Wave

P is for PB’s - It’s what we all Crave

Q is for Quarterly - We Vote for a Winner

R is for RUNNERS - From Elite to Beginner

S is for Social  - We all like some FUN

T is for Training - It’s second to None

U is for Uphills - We wish we had Pedals

V is for Veterans - We win lots of Medals

W is for Website - Where updates we Find

X is for Xmas - It’s when we Unwind!

Y is for YOU - We’re so glad you’re HERE

Z is for ZAP me - Good Luck till Next Year


(Written and performed at 2013 AGM by Janet Hooper)

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