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Minutes of AGM 2012 plus July Committee Minutes

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                                 LITTLEDOWN HARRIERS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2012


Minutes of the AGM held at the Queens Park Golf Club Pavilion on Tues 26th June 2012



Those present :   Chairman : Steve Shuck, Secretary : Janet Hooper,

                             Treasurer : Lin Edwards, Membership Secretary : Ian Noble

                             48 members      


1.Apologies were received from Phil Sparkes, Lisa Jordan, Pauline Roberts, Barry Light, Greg Hawkins, Louise Harper, Steve Scally, Stewart Cull and Glen Batt.


2.Minutes of the last AGM held on the 28th June 2011 were previously distributed and agreed at the meeting.


3.MattersThere were 4 items covered –

3.1.  Communication methods – Since last year we utilised Facebook and also more recently launched our ‘new look’ website.

3.2.  Christmas party – members tickets were subsidised in 2011.

3.3.  Updates from committee meetings - As part of constitution there is been an open invitation to committee meetings. Unfortunately the posting of minutes on the website has not happened but is now set up for the future.

3.4.  Constitution - The committee has the authority to make certain rules. In the last 12 months documents have revised and implemented on the

3.4.1.     Revised Code of Practice

3.4.2.     Disciplinary Procedures

3.4.3.     Procedure for selecting ROTY and Bush/Foreman Trophy

     These will be made available on the club website.


4.Club Chairman’s Address.

Steve welcomed the club members and said that he was proud to be Chairman. He thanked all those officials/coaches/members/ who contributed their time and effort to assist in the running of the club. He made it clear that sometimes the club officials don’t get things right, and feedback is important, so please give it where appropriate.

He talked about ‘inspirational’ race days and the camaraderie on club evenings and the ever increasing membership numbers.

He finished his address talking about the challenges ahead and his position as Chairman. Although happy to continue as Chairman for the coming year, he announced his intention to stand down at next year’s AGM.

Final words – ‘this is our club, be part of it, enjoy it and wear that orange vest with pride’


5.Club Secretary’s Report.

Janet thanked Steve on behalf of the club for his continuing contribution to the club. The theme of her report was ‘growing pains’ related to the growth spurt in the Club. First some statistics

  • Membership now 161 (including 2 honorary members, 148 1st claim and 64 Ladies)
  • Number of Coaches has increased - Level 2 (5), Level 1 (3) and Running Leaders (8)
  • Average age of the committee members is 51 years and 2 months!
  • Janet also mentioned the ever increasing mileage our runners are achieving in training and racing.

     What this has meant to the Club is that the committee has needed to ask for help from time to time.  

     This has been willingly offered (club database, club website, event organization) and our thanks go

     to everyone involved. She re-iterated Steve’s request that members continue to support us. There

will be new opportunities within the committee as well as on a task by task basis. With this help, we can remain a ‘great running club, one of which I am proud to be secretary, coach and ordinary member’.


6.Treasurers Report.

Lin reported that the club continued to remain in a healthy position with current assets similar to last year. However, we have a number of major costs in the second half of the year which mean that, as always, we need sufficient funds to provide payments in advance.

  • She grouped all the costs related to Littledown 5 together, and reminded us that the majority of the profits from this now go to our ‘charity of the year’.
  • Likewise the Xmas party costs were show simply as cash in/cash out
  • We have quite a large supply of stock including club vets, hoodies, car stickers which will eventually generate revenue. However, we always need a minimum stockholding of most kit.
  • Payments to UKA are mandatory.
  • The fees for the track are currently being negotiated and will increase substantially next year.
  • The fees for the website should reduce next year, with Paolo and Ade providing their time for free

As last year, a query was raised related to ‘low’ figure for admin and sundries (£21) Lin explained that this was due to the fact that many of the committee do not submit ‘expense claims’ for out of pocket expenses. Peter H suggested that the ‘actual’ expenses were calculated to maintain a fuller picture of the cost of running the club and also not to make potential officers or volunteers feel that they would not be reimbursed.


7.Club Fees for 2012/2013.

Janet informed the members that a proposal she made to change the club year had been accepted and voted in by the committee. This would bring us in line with annual registration and payments to UKA. Last year, we overpaid by £100 due to non renewal of members in October.

Period 1 - 1st October 2012 to March 31st 2013 (6 months)

Period 2 - 1st April 2013 to March 31st 2014 (12 months)

From 2013 onwards renewal will be every April 1st.

She also referred to some of the upcoming costs mentioned by Lin. In addition, we wish to get more Coaches to level 2 and also ensure that all coaches have basic first aid training. Given these facts the committee proposes that the fees are set at £15 for period 1 and £30 for period 2. A show of hands confirmed that members did wish to continue with the track usage and acceptance for the new fees and renewal dates.


8. Appointment of Officers.

   The following officers were re-elected.


Chairman                     Steve Shuck

Club Secretary               Janet Hooper

Treasurer                       Lin Edwards

All remaining committee members agreed to continue service and Carmel volunteered to join the

committee. She was voted in unanimously.


9.Charity of the Year.

There were 2 nominations for the 2013 charity of the year.

Naomi’s House – Naomi B

Wessex Autistic Society – Ade H


Details of both charities had been circulated previously by email and information was also placed in  

the meeting room for members to view prior to the meeting.

After 2 heart wrenching presentations, a vote was ready to be taken. At this point, Mark White spoke

out and asked if other members felt like him, that it was impossible to choose. It was agreed and voted

in by a large majority that we would support both charities in 2013, with the committee working with

Ade and Naomi to ensure that each charity got sufficient exposure and a share of the income.




ROTY – voted on by members before the AGM, was presented to Roger Browning for his fight against ill health and his comeback in the London Marathon 2012 and also other local races.

Roger was also awarded an Honorary membership of the Club for his many year’s service. He responded by requesting that his club fees to be donated to the Charity of the Year.


Bush/Forman Trophy – This new special award in honour of the late Mike Bush and Dave Forman, was awarded for contribution to the club during the last year. This was presented to Barry Telling for his tremendous effort in managing the Club Championship, ROTQ and input on the old/new website transition.


An additional ‘Thank-you’ went to Neil Ryan for his work over the years, distributing emails any time of the day or night. He was presented with a tankard and wished the best of luck for the future now that his running days have ended through injury.


Many Congratulations to all recipients.


11. A.O.B.


11.1   Littledown 5. Peter H gave an update on the race planning. He informed the members that a limit of 300 entries was in place. Last year there were 316 entries of which 285 completed the race. We raised £757 for Naomi’s House.

He also showed us the commemorative mug, which was one of the finisher options. The demo one, which was personalised with the name ‘Peter’ was snatched up by Peter Phillips with a donation of £20 to our charity.

Peter had a number of entry forms which he distributed after the meeting, for placement in gyms, offices, schools etc.


11.2 Sunday Runs. Peter P asked if the Sunday runs could start later. After a show of hands it seemed he was in the minority, with most preferring the current time and a number would like an earlier start. This will be raised at the next coaches meeting.


11.3 Christmas Party. Gerry asked if this was happening since it was normally booked by now.

Mike and Laurence are organizing and will be sharing the details with members soon.


11.4 Matt S asked how to get topics raised at the committee meeting. It was suggested anyone wishing to do so to send an email to Janet or Steve or have a ‘quiet word’ on club night.



The meeting finished at 22:05



Club Secretary

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