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Committee Meeting 5th Aug 2014

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 05/08/14


Present : Barry T (chair), Janet H (secretary), Lin E (treasurer) Ken B (membership), Gary W, Kev D, Carmel R, Karen S, Stuart S, Phil S, Mike N

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Heather K, Matt P
  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting (May) were agreed will be posted on the website.  

The outstanding actions list was cleared. 

  1. 3.Christmas Party

Mike and Laurence have been busy visiting potential venues. Mike proposed that we hold the party at Hoburne Holiday Park this year. The cost would be £18 per head for hot buffet, disco and other entertainment. This represents excellent value and the committee approved the venue. A discussion was held regarding subsidising club members and after a long discussion and a very close vote 6/5 it was agreed to provide a £3 subsidy for club members.

  1. 4.Feedback from AGM

Everyone thought that the AGM went well. The only minor point was the PA system but this can be addressed next year. Also the ‘extra’ drinks break disrupted the flow of the evening and prolonged the evening. 

We all agreed that we should pursue the same venue next year and address the above items accordingly. 

  1. 5.Chairman’s Brief

Barry re-iterated that the AGM and club events were going well generally. 

  1. 6.Secretary’s Brief

Janet had no additional information to share. 

  1. 7.Treasurer’s Report

Funds are high at the moment. We have several outstanding bills to pay (track & LDH5 costs) but some of this will be replenished with receipts from the LDH5.

  1. 8.Membership Report

In total we have 158 members (151 fully paid-up, 4 second claim and 3 Life members). We also have some applications currently being processed. 

Action : Paolo to transfer money from Paypal to club account

Action : Janet to diarise a review in November regarding the split of membership payment methods (and associated costs).

  1. 9.Captains Updates/CC/RRL

     Stuart informed the committee that he was currently struggling with his personal  

     commitments and unable to give his full attention to his Captain’s role. Heather also

     finds the communication with the ladies difficult as she isn’t able to regularly attend 

     club night. Both teams are currently slipping down the league. The committee 

     agreed that both are still making a valuable contribution and may benefit from some 


     Action : Janet to post club email requesting anyone interested in becoming a Vice 

     Captain to get in touch with Heather or Stuart.

     The Club Championship is still going well and Phil is doing a great job keeping 

      everything up-to-date. It appears that the Holton Lee relays did take place this year 

      but we were not invited.

  1. 10. Coaching

Gary gave feedback from the recent coaches meeting. He said that the schedules are now being produced in a more timely manner. He reported that concerns were expressed that a number of the coaches/leaders whose courses were sponsored by the club are not getting involved. This will be looked at as each coach comes up for licence renewal and renewal may be refused.

We are continuing to get positive feedback regarding the sessions and coaching provided.

  1. 11.Littledown 5

The marshalling teams are now being pulled together. Barry has a ‘team list’ for each of the groups to be filled in (6 + start/finish and water). This will be placed by the Notice Board for members to update.

Carmel offered to try to get help from a Special PC at one of the ‘tricky’ junctions.

      Action : Barry to put Team List information by Notice Board 

      Action : Carmel to try to arrange availability of a Special PC at the junction of 

      Glencoe/Littledown Ave.  


  1. 12. Club 25th Anniversary

We plan to have a number of celebrations in 2015 in honour of 25 yrs of Littledown Harriers. Ideas will be brainstormed at a later meeting.

Action: Everyone to think of ways we could celebrate and Janet to schedule the topic later in the year.

  1. 13.AOB


     The meeting finished at 22:10  NextMeeting:  September 2nd.  

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