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Committee Meeting 14th Oct 2014

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 14/10/14


Present : Barry T (chair), Janet H (secretary), Lin E (treasurer) Ken B (membership), Gary W, Kev D, Karen S, Mark W 

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Heather K, Matt P, Carmel R, Gary B
  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.  

  1. 3.Track Event

      Mark ‘presented’ his plans for the event including schedule, invited clubs and 

      equipment to be utilised. 

      Some committee members volunteered to assist with the timekeeping on the night   


      Action : Lin to reimburse Mark for the medals.

  1. 4.Chairman’s Brief

Barry is still pleased with the fantastic turnout at races, although we still have a few members not wearing club vests. He attended the DRRL at Blandford in Janet’s absence and now has the complete list of races for 2015.

Action : Barry to ensure that Phil has info required to produce CC list for 2015

  1. 5.Secretary’s Brief

Janet raised the issue of UKA increasing their membership fees (again) in 2015. The extra £2 for individuals will be absorbed by the Club BUT at the next AGM we will raise fees and also put in a proviso in case we have further increases. The cost to the club will be £300+ next year. 

  1. 6.Treasurer’s Report

Club accounts are healthy after the Littledown 5 and the increase in membership.

  1. 7.Membership Report

Ken informed us that we now have 167 members (160 full, 4 sec claim and 3 Life)

B/F Action : Barry to contact Paolo regarding transfer of money from Paypal to 

              club account

B/F Action : Janet to diarise a review in November regarding the split of   

             membership payment methods (and associated costs).

  1. 8.Captains Updates/CC/RRL

We now have 2 Vice Captains (Luke & Caroline) We also have a name in place for a replacement Men’s captain.

  1. 9.ROTQ

The list of nominations was divulged and after a ‘healthy’ discussion a winner was chosen

  1. 10.LDH5 Feedback & Finances

It was agreed that we should maintain a separate A/C for the LDH5 in the future.

We also need to review the current method for splitting the profits between the charity and the club.

Action : Lin/Barry – Calculate the proportion of the LDH5 profits to go to charity

              and present figures at next month’s meeting 

  1. 11.Club Kit

  Janet is periously close to making an order with Wasp Sports.

  Action : Janet to make final attempt order club vests!

  Karen showed us a number of ‘club items’ we she could source at a good price,  

  including ruck sacs as well as clothing. 

  Action Karen to order a mix of club kit as agreed by the committee.

                 Barry to arrange an opportunity to present the items to members. 

  1. 12.London Marathon Ballot

 Although VLM organisers are not taking club applications until after end of October,   

 we are to proceed with a ballot on the assumption of 2(poss 3) places.

  Action :  Barry/Janet to collate VLM reject slips and arrange date/time for ballot.

                 (present ROTQ at the same time)


  1. 13.Minimum Age Discussion

 Clarification was sought as a result of a ‘young’ runner attending training sessions, albeit under the wing of his mother. The Club constitution requires all runners attending sessions to be at least 16 years of Age.

Action :  Barry to ‘handle’ notification of decision regarding min age to run with the                    club.

  1. 14. Welfare Officer

Having identified the need for a female welfare officer in addition to a male, Carmel volunteered for the role. She has a n excellent background for this and there were no objections.

Gary mentioned that as the current welfare officer he had received no specific training and would like to pursue this.

  1. 15.DRRL

 The Poole 10k has been dropped due to the spread of races throughout the year.

 As we missed out on ‘Interclub relays’ this year, we must ensure we are aware of 

Any opportunities in 2015.

  1. 16.Website Refresh

 We are looking at ways to take the pressure off Paolo. 

  1. 17.AOB


The meeting finished at 22:25    

 NextMeeting:  Nov 4th 2014.  


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