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Committee Meeting 4th Nov 2014

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 4/11/14


Present : Barry T (chair), Janet H (secretary), Lin E (treasurer), Gary W, Kev D, Carmel R, Karen S

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Heather K, Ken B, Matt P, Gary B
  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.  

The actions list was reviewed and updated. 

  1. 3.Chairman’s Brief

Barry gave a brief update on the website – new start page, removal of race calendar and a new link to the local race list. He then said that he continued to be impressed by the fantastic club turnout at races. 

  1. 4.Secretary’s Brief

Janet informed the group that all her ‘news’ was covered under other headings, nothing to add.

  1. 5.Treasurer’s Report

The bank balance remains healthy. The deposit has been paid for the Christmas ‘do’ and there is £762 outstanding for the new vests.

Action : We need as a committee to ensure that the Christmas Party is advertised and that members are encouraged to attend.

Action : Gary to contact Mike N, to establish numbers who have signed up for the Christmas Party.

  1. 6.Membership Report

Ken was not present to give an update on numbers, but the membership is still growing.

Action : Ken/Paolo to discuss membership payments for 2015

  1. 7.Captains Updates/CC/RRL

A new Men’s Captain has reviewed the job description and ready to step into the role.

Barry has notified Phil of the DRRL races for 2015 and is awaiting a copy of the ‘proposed’ CC races for 2015. It was felt that the committee should get sight of this before publication.

Action : Barry to contact Phil to obtain the proposed list of 2015 CC races.

  1. 8.LDH5 Finances & Charity Donation

It was previously agreed that we should maintain a separate A/C for the LDH5 in the future.

Action : Lin/Ken to set up LDH5 account at the bank

A brief discussion was held on the ‘split’ of the profits from LDH5. However as the figure was not known it was agree that 

Action : Lin/Barry – obtain figures prior to next month’s meeting. 

  1. 9.Club Kit

  Janet confirmed that the order for the vests is in place, with delivery in about 3-4  

  weeks and will be made available to members from Jan 2015. New members 

  requiring larger/smaller sizes will be given new style vests as soon as they are 


 Action: Janet to chase up Wasp Sports for an approximate delivery date.

  Karen had brought along some samples of kit, which she displayed prior to the VLM  

  draw. She still needs to get samples in all sizes.

  Action Karen to try to obtain full complement of stock sizes within the next 2-3 


  An event to be arranged for last Tues in Nov, to display club kit & new vests.

  This will also be a ‘thank-you’ event for LDH5 with a ‘run’ followed by food in the bar – 

  and a very short quiz.

  Action : Barry to check availability of Littledown centre for a ‘function’ that evening

  1. 10. 25th Anniversary Events/2015 Schedule

   It was agreed that we should plan the year ahead in ‘display’ form.  Included in this 

   would be our 25th Celebrations. Ideas put forward included a mid-year more formal 

   event at a hotel, a family centred event, a running event etc. 

   Action : All committee members to propose ideas for our 25th at the next meeting.

   Action :  Gary to source an A3 year planner.

  1. 11. Job Roles 

   Barry has committed a lot of time, drawing up ‘draft’ job descriptions for the  

   committee and other ‘officials’ within the club. 

   Action :  Everyone to ensure that they review their job description and provide  

   feedback to Barry.

   Action : Gary to contact UKA regarding possible training for Welfare Officers.

  1. 12.  AOB

12.1  Janet informed the committee that she would be changing her email address at some time in the near future. She will advise at the time.

12.2   Carmel suggested that coaches could wear something hi-viz to identify them during training sessions. The armbands worn by Zoom would satisfy this.

Action : Gary to  try and locate/purchase armbands.


The meeting finished at 22:15    

 NextMeeting:  Dec 2nd 2014  


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