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Committee Meeting 6th May 2014

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 06/05/14


Present : Barry T (chair), Janet H (secretary), Lin E (treasurer) Ken B (membership), Gary W, Peter H, Kev D, Gary B, Carmel R, Maxine B, Stuart S

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Karen, Heather, Paolo
  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed will be posted on the website.  

The actions on the list were reviewed and incomplete actions are carried over to new list. (attachment). 

  1. 3.Chairman’s Brief

Barry commented on yet another successful month. The men have been well represented at recent races. The Thursday sessions continue to be popular with very good attendance.

  1. 4.Secretary’s Brief

Janet informed the committee that Simon and Sam Munro were standing down from their responsibilities for the DRRL. Anyone wishing to volunteer for either/part of their roles would be welcomed. 

  1. 5.Treasurer’s Report

Funds are high at the moment with renewal subscriptions coming in. £670 is to be paid out to UKA with more following in the next few weeks.

Lin needs a statement from Paolo before the AGM to enable accurate reporting of the club’s accounts.

Action : Barry to let Paolo know that financial statement is required. 

Expense claims have now been received from Janet and Kevin. 

Action : Ken to produce expense claim before the AGM.

  1. 6.Membership Report

In total we have 173 members on our club list of whom 75 have not yet renewed their membership. 

A reminder is to be sent out and all members who are still unpaid by the end of May will have their membership terminated. Communication is still an issue as some members still not receiving emails from the club. 

Action : Barry to get clarification from Paolo on email addresses and reminder letters before being sent out from Ken

  1. 7.Captains Updates/CC/Coaching

Stuart is pleased with the turnout from the men at races. The April men’s report is available.

A coaches meeting is to be held next Tuesday. Sessions will be planned in 2 month segments and will be available in PDF format to assist the update process.

  1. 8.Littledown 5

Sponsorship has been provided by Ellis and Jones (Max), Iford Bridge Tea Rooms (Lin), Proctor & Gamble (Dave Johnsone), Up & Running (Simon) and Vinny’s (Lee). 

      It has been agreed that all finishers will receive a Medal this year. Peter has sent 

      out the colourway choices and requires feedback.

      Action : Committee to get back to Peter with medal preference. 

      Action :  Barry to arrange a Littledown 5 sub committee meeting within the 

      next week to keep the momentum going. 


  1. 9. AGM

There were 2 dates in June on which all key committee members were available for an AGM (June 10th and 24th). As we are required to give a month’s notice to all members, the 24th was the only viable option.

Peter will be arranging a ‘Team Run’ event on the evening of the 10th for all club members.

Action: Gary to confirm the availability of Hurn Bridge

Action : Peter and other committee members to advertise the June 10th event at every opportunity

Action : ROTQ to be voted on on June 3rd and presented on the 10th.

  1. 10.AOB

10.1   Club Fees were discussed and will remain the same with maybe an incentive for people to pay early next year. The charges for paying online will have to be considered further.

10.2 The Club Charity for 2015 will be the benefactor of the ‘profits’ from the Littledown 5. The committee will not be spending time chasing up other revenue earning opportunities. 

      The meeting finished at 22:25  NextMeeting:  To be confirmed.  

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