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Committee Meeting 4th Mar 2014

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 04/03/14


Present : Barry T (chair), Janet H (secretary), Lin E (treasurer) Ken B & Gary B (membership), Kev D, Maxine B, Heather K, Stuart S, Paolo DeL, Ade H, Karen

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Gary W, Peter H, Carmel R
  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed will be posted on the website.  

The actions on the list were reviewed and incomplete actions are carried over to new list. (attachment). 

  1. 3.Update on club website (Membership/payment of dues)

Paolo had just sent out the invite to all committee members to pay their subs online.  All committee members were requested to follow the process and provide feedback upon completion. 

Action : Committee to respond to membership renewal request. To contact Paolo if   

not received or problems encountered.

A number of members have not registered email addresses with the club. This is required to contact members regarding renewal.

Action : Ken to produce list showing those members without email addresses. Announcements to be made on club night to obtain any missing email addresses

  1. 4.Captains Reports/Club Championship/DRRL

Heather reported a lower attendance from the ladies at League Races. Reiterated need for members to understand it’s significance.

Action : Janet to Action : Janet to write brief document to explain the DRRL, to supplement the membership document produced last month. 

A discussion was held regarding re-introducing email as well as club website to advertise ‘forthcoming events’. 

Action : Heather and Stuart to use club email as an additional means of updating members on a monthly basis.

  1. 5.Secretary’s Brief

     Janet reminded the committee that the venue/date for the AGM should be decided 

     soon. She proposed that she gets an update on the ‘upgrade of the changing 

     facilities’ at Hurn Bridge and adds this to the list of venues. 

     Action : Janet to contact Hurn Bridge regarding facilities

     Action : Janet to send email to committee members re: availability in June for AGM.

     She also asked permission to choose/vote on UKA Directors on behalf of the Club, 

     which was agreed.

  1. 6.Treasurer’s Brief

Lin reported that all outstanding dues had now been paid, leaving the club accounts at their lowest for a while but still healthy. However, we are just about to start collecting subs for 2014/2015 which will further increase the balance.

  1. 7.Membership Update

159 First Claim, 5 Second Claim and 2 Social Members.  This is quite an increase this year but we must anticipate some losses at renewal.

Barry was reassured by Ken, that the growing numbers were manageable for him administratively. 

  1. 8.Chairman’s Brief

Barry felt that the Club had continued to have a good year thanks to the efforts of everyone who contributes, especially the committee members.

He has also progressed the situation on the fund raising for BSVI and will have more details soon.

  1. 9.ROTQ

There were a number of nominations from members, but the committee came to a unanimous decision. The presentation will be made next Tuesday 11th.

  1. 10.Littledown 5

It was decided that as no one had come forward for the role of Race Director, that we would need a person in situ on the day, but other volunteers could take on the tasks needed before the day. To discuss further next month.

Action : Janet to putLDH5 Director on the Agenda for next Month.

Action : Committee to seek out willing volunteers to assist in LDH5 tasks. BT raised issue of involvement on club website 

  1. 11.Club Shop

Ade and Karen attended the meeting to give an update on the Club Shop.

Karen has price lists and is able to obtain casual orange T shirts if there is demand. 

As the meeting was running late it was decided that Ade/Karen would meet up before the next meeting and come back with any updates. 

Club website can be used for advertising but not for payment.

Action : Ade/Karen to meet prior to next committee meeting to look at available kit, selection of other items,  logistics of selling/making payments and feed back for next meeting. Email what is currently available.


  1. 12.AOB

12.1  Gary W has obtained new paperwork from Cotswold outdoor regarding 

Club discount.

      Action : Gary to send out email/copy of new details on his return from holiday. 

      12.2 Charity Posters are to be removed from Club noticeboard. 

The meeting finished at 22:25 Next Meeting: 1st Apr  2014 @ 9pm  

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