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Committee Meeting Feb 2014

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting Feb/14


Present : Barry T (chair), Janet H (secretary), Lin E (treasurer) Gary B (membership), Gary Worsley, Peter H, Kev D, Carmel R, Maxine B, Heather K, Stuart S, Paolo DeL.

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Ken B, Phil S
  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and will be posted with one amendment regarding Peters ‘Action’ related to the Littledown 5.  

The actions on the list were reviewed and incomplete actions are carried over to new list. (attachment). 

  1. 3.Update on club website (Membership/payment of dues)

Paolo showed the committee the web page for membership application and payment. The committee agreed to absorb the bank charges for each online transaction for this year. The committee agreed it was a useful tool and thanked Paolo for his time/effort

Action : Paolo to send out link to membership form for all committee members to add their details and provide feedback. (N.b. the target is to introduce this for 2014/2015 payments)

Further discussions were held on membership, in relation to fees for members who joined mid year and Gary confirmed that he has a strategy in place. The situation with no charge for beginners was discussed yet again. The chairman intervened and suggested that we would review when it was last discussed and schedule accordingly.

Action : Barry to determine when to put ‘Beginners’ back on the Agenda.

  1. 4.Captains Reports/Club Championship/DRRL

A discussion was held regarding further promotion of club races. The following outcomes were agreed :

Action : Janet to write document explain the DRRL, it’s raison d’etre and it’s importance to the club.

Action : Barry to ask Littledown Centre for permission to install a rack for race entries by the noticeboard.

Action : Captains to encourage car sharing, advertise races wherever possible and 

Generally get support for the ‘key’ races. 

  1. 5.Coaching Update.

Gary provided an update from the coaches meeting. Specific mention was made to training new leaders, identifying new runners, warm-up/cool-down procedures, Sunday Runs, Health & Safety and Beep Tests. Full minutes are available from Gary.


  1. 6.LDH Race Director.

We have received confirmation that Vincent has stood down from his position as Race Director. He will progress the immediate actions and will be assisted by Peter (and Ken) until a volunteer comes forward.

Action : Janet to send email to Club members requesting a volunteer for position of Race Director.

  1. 7.Club Shop/Vests.

Janet is to progress club vests and technical wear as per the current action list. No feedback from Ade/Karen on shop.

Action : Janet to put Club Shop on March Agenda.

  1. 8.Secretary’s Brief.

Janet brought along a thank-you letter and receipt from Autism Wessex. 

Action : Peter to scan in letter and post on Club website.

It was agreed that while we would continue to support their events our priority for 2014 would be to our current charity. 

  1. 9.Treasurer’s Brief

     Lin now has a clearer figure of the club account , with charity cheques and cost of   

     The presentation evening accounted for. Peter provided a useful breakdown of 

     costs, for that evening outlining the purchases that can be retained for future events.

  1. 10. Chairman’s Brief

Barry thanked everyone for attending and participating in a very ‘active’ meeting. 


  1. 11.AOB
  1. 10.1  Gary B asked for help with sponsorship for a charity race. He will progress 

         it personally  in the bar on club nights.

  1. 10.2  Kev asked Barry T if he could attend DRRL meeting at Blandford, which he 

         confirmed he could.

  1. 10.3  Lin suggested we should start planning next AGM soon.

  Action :  Janet to put AGM on Agenda for next meeting.    

  1. 10.4   Peter asked for the chairman  to obtain closure on a matter related to the 

          ‘health and safety’ discussion.

  1. 10.5  Further discussion on beginners was raised by Max as discussions had 

  been held prior to her joining the committee.      

The meeting finished at 22:20 Next Meeting: 4th Mar 2014 @ 9pm  

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