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Committee Meeting 9th Dec 2014

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 9/12/14


Present : Barry T (chair), Janet H (secretary), Gary W, Kev D, Carmel R, Karen S, Luke D, Paola DL, (Mike N)

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Lin E,Heather K, Ken B, Matt P, Gary B, Steve W, Phil S

Both Ken and Matt will be unable to be committee members from now onwards.

Ken will continue in his capacity as UKA/membership co-ordinator. 

  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.  

The actions list was reviewed and updated. 

  1. 3.Christmas Party

Mike confirmed that the party was fully subscribed and a small amount of money was still o/s. (£69) He was thanked for all his efforts in organising this.

  1. 4.Chairman’s Brief

Barry continues to be staggered by the ‘teamwork and enthusiasm’ shown by our members and the willingness of newer members to become involved in the running of the club.

  1. 5.Secretary’s Brief

Janet took the opportunity to thank Barry for his contribution to the club over the year. He has shown great tenacity in progressing actions and issues. The whole committee were also thanked, as their duties have steadily increased over the year.

  1. 6.Treasurer’s Report

The bank balance remains healthy with sufficient money available to cover any anticipated costs for 2015. A new cheque book has finally arrived!

  1. 7.Membership Report

We now have 176 1st claim members, 5 2nd claim and 3 life making a total of 184. There are several more in the pipe-line.

A discussion was held regarding the increased UKA affiliation for 2015, the committee decided unanimously that they wished to cover the cost as discussed at a previous meeting.

Paolo is now clear on the payment amounts to set up on the system.

Action : Paolo to get payment system set-up by end of January. Barry to notify Ken of decision made. 

  1. 8.25th Anniversary Events

Everyone contributed their ideas. There were a few common themes which included

  1. 1)A Summer ‘Silver’ Ball at a local hotel
  2. 2)A club 5k series (5 x 5k) culminating in a Park Run on 25th July
  3. 3)A family track or relay event
  4. 4)Mass participation at a key race

Anniversary event to be finalised at next month’s meeting

  1. 9.Captains Monthly Update

Paolo is setting up all committee members with specific ‘role related’ email addresses. The Captains/Vice Captains will be accepting updates on races from members via this route. 

Action: Paolo to set up all designated emails by end of December

  1. 10.2015 CC/RRL

Phil now has a list of 15 races for inclusion in the 2015 Club Championship. This will include 7 RRL races to encourage participation.

The Awards for 2014 will be made at an event to be organised by Phil. This will be at Littledown end Jan/beginning Feb.

Action : Phil to organise date for Awards event (with food)

Action : Barry/Phil to advertise and circulate RRL& CC lists for 2015

Members encouraged to enter/attend 1st DRRL race (Broadstone Quarter) and awards presentation afterwards

  1. 11.LDH5 Sub Group

A sub group will be set up to meet as necessary to progress the organisation of LDH5.

The costings for ‘chip timing’ were discussed and could be covered by an increased field size (350) and an increase in the race entry fee.

Action : Janet will raise the question of sharing ‘resources’ at the DRRL meeting in January

      Ken and Lin have progressed the separate bank account and are hoping to set 

      something up with Lloyds with 4 signatories. The club will transfer monies from the 

current account to kick start this (including a percentage of club’s profits from 2014 race).      

  1. 12.Club Kit

   Karen and Janet now have samples of all items for sale. Karen will be the ‘email’ 

   contact point for orders.

   Photos of all items/prices will be available on the website.

  Action: Janet to notify Paolo of available vest sizes and price

   Action: Karen to notify Paolo of club shop items/sizes and price

   Action: Paolo to put ‘photos’ of club kit on the club website/Club shop email link

  1. 13. Noticeboard Items

Luke was welcomed to the committee in his role as Men’s Vice Captain and also Notice Board wizard.

He proposed a change to the headed paper so that the headings do not ‘overpower’ the content. He showed an example which the committee agreed to and we look forward to seeing it in use.

The location of the Club Notice Board is an issue, since the ‘meeting room’ next to it is constantly in use.

Action : Barry to get Littledown Centre to move the Notice Board back to it’s original position downstairs.

The perspex may need replacing at some point.

  1. 14. Website/Dedicated emails

As mentioned under earlier topics, all areas of the club will have dedicated email addresses e.g. welfare officer, chairman, men’s captain etc. 

This will obviate the need for ‘personal’ email addresses to be utilised in the public domain.

     Action: Paolo to help all involved committee members to set up their additional 

email addresses by end of December

Action: Barry to take photos/Paolo to add photos to website with contact details 

  1. 15. Club Sessions/Coaching

Feedback from the coaches meeting was given.  

It was agreed that Mike would split the Thursday sessions into 2 groups, based on attendance. Similarly the BLUE sessions will trial an ‘unofficial’ shorter 5 mile to split that group into a more manageable size during January.

Gary has followed up on Welfare Training and a meeting will be arranged early next year for the officers and others (possibly some coaches and welfare officers from other clubs). Club funds available to cover costs of suitable training

Action: Gary to progress the welfare training and keep the committee in the loop.

Gary has also looked at purchasing ‘flashing armbands’ for the coaches. The committee agreed to initially purchase 50 single armbands.

Action: Gary to progress the armband order - without delay

  1. 16. Thank-you event feedback

The event was well attended, approximately 66 people, and the feedback was very positive. There were some concerns about the ‘value’ of the catering but this is not a showstopper when using this facility.

The event was also used to launch the new club kit and club shop items 

  1. 17. AOB

17.1 Gary brought along a year planner to on which to highlight ‘events etc.’ and it was agreed that it was very suitable. Thanks Gary.

17.2 Carmelqueried whether the Littledown Marathon was running this year. It is not planned at the moment.

   The meeting finished at 22:22    

    NextMeeting:  Jan 6th 2015  

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