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Committee Meeting 1st April 2014

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 01/04/14


Present : Barry T (chair), Janet H (secretary), Lin E (treasurer) Ken B (membership), Gary W, Peter H, Kev D, Carmel R, Heather K, Stuart S, Paolo DeL, Karen

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Gary B, Max B
  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed will be posted on the website.  

The actions on the list were reviewed and incomplete actions are carried over to new list. (attachment). 

  1. 3.Membership Update.

15 members that currently receive club emails have not got membership emails from Paolo.

26 members have renewed so far (including the committee) and 2 members have resigned.

Members can pay by cheque to Gary B but will need to fill in a form with updated personal details.

It was suggested that the exit questionnaire be sent to relevant members, to provide feedback to the club.

Action : Peter to send most current version of exit questionnaire to Ken.

There was a discussion on the option to print out a Club membership card for members requiring discounts etc. To be further discussed before any action taken.

  1. 4.Club Shop

Karen listed the types of items available in the shop (holdalls, hoodies, black and orange tops) and suggested that we could order club rucksacks at £11 each, if interested. The set-up cost would be borne by the club.

A number of the committee thought a good quality waterproof jacket similar to those worn by Poole Runners would also be an excellent idea.

Action : Anyone with info on suitable lightweight jackets to email Karen/Ade.

  1. 5.Beginners 

Carmel outlined progress to date. This section of the club started in Jan 2013 and approx. 12-13 runners have moved up to the main club. There have been about 60 runners from the beginning with a good regular turnout. Movement up to the main club was encouraged at the appropriate time. It was agreed that payment would not be taken for these sessions but those attending would not receive any of the club benefits (Other than great coaches and insurance cover)

  1. 6.Treasurer’s Brief

Lin reported that club finances were still good and that the membership money is now coming in. She needs to liaise with Paolo to monitor the charges made by PayPal.

  1. 7.Secretary’s Brief

     Janet briefed the committee on the ‘issues’ around getting marshalls together at the 

     last minute for the Bournemouth Bay Run. In order to facilitate this, 5 marshalls were 

     provided by Bourne Runners who will be receiving half of the money from the 

     Council towards their marathon charities. The remainder will go to BSVI.


  1. 8.Chairman’s Brief

Barry was overwhelmed and proud of Littledown Harriers at the turnout for the Bay Run - runners, spectators and marshalls.  

  1. 9. AGM

Following on from Janet’s attempts to get information from Hurn Bridge regarding their changing facilities, it was agreed that Gary/Peter would get in touch with their known contact.

Janet had requested that everyone bring along details of availability in June for the AGM. The date is likely to be either 10th or 24th June, depending on choice/availability of venue.

Action: Gary/Peter to contact Hurn Bridge with regards to the state of changing rooms. If the response is satisfactory, they will check availability for the 2 dates above.

  1. 10. Littledown 5 Race Director

As there has been no response for help from outside the committee, Ken kindly put his name forward as Director. However, he will be supported by a team to help to move things forward.

Action : A few committee members agreed to meet with Ken to review status and allocate tasks. Meeting to be arranged.

  1. 11.Coaching Update

Gary has sent out an invitation to those who have expressed in attending the Leader in Running Fitness course. Those invited have been chosen for regular availability to cover specific shortfalls in the coaching team.

The next coaches meeting will be after the London marathon.

  1. 12.Captains Updates 

Heather commented on how it was good to see so many of the club out at the Bay Run. Both Heather and Stuart will be producing reports once the organisers have got their results sorted!

  1. 13.AOB

13.1   Stuart sought confirmation that email was to be used for captains Reports as well as the website. This was confirmed.

13.2   It was agreed that further reminders were needed about road crossing points on club runs.

13.3   The committee are to remind people to support Tracey’s post marathon event in May.

The meeting finished at 22:20  Next Meeting: 6th May 2014 @ 9pm  

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