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Committee Meeting 3rd Dec 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 03/12/13


Present : Barry T (chair), Lin E (treasurer), Janet H (secretary), Ken B, (membership), Peter H, Kev D, Carmel R, Maxine B, Stuart S.

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

  1. 1.Apologies : Heather, Gary W, Paolo DeL
  1. 2.Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed without amendment and will be posted on the website. 

The majority of this meeting was allocated to re-visiting all items from the last meeting to ensure completion and to bring Janet back into the loop.

It was agreed that the club would pay the £10 to transfer Tracey from Hart runners.

After further discussion on the ‘Sunday Runs’ it was agreed that Peter would forward to Mike N the document outlining the ‘long run structure of the typical year’.

Action :  Peter to send document to Mike & Gary W to publicise the schedule on the website.

The ‘Beep Test’ equipment has been purchased and put to good use already. Further dates to be scheduled.

It was agreed that a club credit card was necessary. 

Action : Lin to progress this with the Bank. 

A donation of £35 to be paid to the RRL in respect of income from the L5. 

Action : Janet to arrange payment at next DRRL meeting.

Payments for the Christmas party are almost complete and the 3 free rooms have been allocated.

The date of 7th Sept has been confirmed for the LDH5 in 2014.

Additional Social Event – A date of Sat 11/01/2014 has been agreed for the next Social event. It will be held at Chapel Gate and will include the Club Championship awards and charity presentations in addition to ‘food and entertainment’.

  1. 3.Chairman’s Brief

No additional feedback.

  1. 4.Secretary’s Brief

Janet informed the committee that a number of members have not given changes of personal details to the membership secretary. In the case of address, this results in all correspondence being re-routed to the club secretary.

After discussion, it was concluded that all members should update their details via the website and that, if acceptable to Paolo, he would be employed to make the necessary development.

Action : Barry to contact Paolo to get a quote. 

  1. 5.Treasurer’s Brief

The bank balance is similar to the previous month, with approximately £1200 being held for the 2013 charities. The charities will be invited to attend the function on January 11th to receive their cheques. 

  1. 6.Membership Update.

Ken reported a total of 140 members, with an additional 4 second claim and 1 social member.

  1. 7.Captains Report.

Stuart is working with Phil on the the races for the 2014 Club Championship. He is happy to continue with monthly reports on the website.

  1. 8.ROTQ

6 strong candidates, with a draw for 3 of them after the first round of votes. Fortunately an outright winner was decided upon and will be presented with the award after the club handicap. 

  1. 9.Club Handicap

Barry is to co-ordinate the timings and Simon will allocate the roles of the volunteers. Kev, Janet & Lin also volunteered their assistance on the night.

  1. 10.AOB

10.1   Ade wishes to hand over the responsibility for the club shop. The goods need to be advertised on the website and a willing volunteer will need to maintain the orders/stock levels.

10.2   Club members would like other types of vest/t shirts with the official 

club colours/logo.

Action : Janet to contact Fastrax for ideas.

The meeting finished at 22:25 

Next Meeting – 7th January 2014  @  9pm  

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