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Committee Meeting 5th Nov 2013

Minutes - 5th November 2013

Apologies received: Ken B, Maxine B & Gary B.

General Notes/Actions from previous minutes (October)

Members Area

Another presentation will be planned for night of Hotel Room Draw.

Paolo to arrange further Members area presentation and arrange dates to coincide with other LDH events. A Lap top and internet connection required to make presentations.

LDH 5 – Vincent R

Money for the race is all in; Peter and Lin are to sort out monies for the club charities.

Coaches  Meeting - Gary W

Gary W to arrange for coaches to come along to see how Beginners sessions are run.

Club Championship – Barry T

Barry sent an email to all club members regarding their Club Championship (CC) results & marathon times for the current CC.

2 Club members have come forward to assist in the CC. It's proposed for the future that Stuart S and Phil S to become involved and Barry T to assist in the background.

Social Events

Details currently being added to the Website/Members Area.

Lawrence & Mark organised a spooky Halloween run on a club night over the Littledown 5 route - good feedback. Need to publicise and promote events like this, welcome feedback

A Brewery trip for Friday 29th November was proposed by Gary W. to put onto members area.


Barry has ‘tidied’ the website

05.11.13 Agenda

Membership - Ken B
Membership up - 143 members

Clarification required on 1st 2nd claim members -Membership fees. UK Athletics sometimes require fee to change. Tracey L still listed as belonging to Hart Runners. Would the club pay the UKA £10 change fee? Individual basis. Club will pay £10. 

Action: Email Ken B with decision Barry 

Ken B advised club looses £1.25p each LD5 online entry (deduction and postage). Suggestion that entries could go on the website and runners collect numbers on the day to cut the cost of online entry, or increase online entry fee. Online entrants are not able to choose what gift you get. To be discussed again under LD5 2014

Coaches Feedback

Simon Davies will now be the new Head Coach.

Coaches meeting went well. It was proposed that the Sunday Runs be more formalised, with 2 runs taking place. More structured Sunday Runs would be arranged.
Mike N, Mike W, Naomi B to help. 

Action: Minutes out from the Coaches Meeting and to aim of get the Sunday Runs up and running involving more coaches. Publicise on web site/members area Gary W 

Send through an example of the previous Sunday runs structure. Peter H

Beep Tests - Gary W

The initial trial test session was successful.

Gary W proposed the possibility of buying a battery powered speaker. Cost £200-225 for a PA system with stand, lead and an MP3 player. £25 - MP3, £159 Speaker, £22 Stand & £6 lead. The Club could use the equipment for LD5, future Beep Tests, Club Training Sessions & The AGM. A Head set may also be needed.
Action:PA System Package should be purchased. Gary W to arrange this with Lin.

Club Flags

To make locating club flag and any other club items currently stored away from the centre create spreadsheet easier with details on the members’ area of the website, possible in the Discussion/Announcements area. Paolo to create specific location once agreed.

Club Credit Card

It was proposed that the club is to have a credit card in addition to cheques. Highlighted when fast payment required to UK Athletics.

Action: Email Lin E & Ken B - go ahead with Credit Card request. Barry


Donation to DRRL for funding, LDH 5 regularly makes a donation

It's not possibly needed to make another donation. 

Action: Clarify position with JH at next meeting


Keeping date to 2nd week of Sept (7th Sept) and will be confirmed with DRRL

Action:Confirm date with DRRL Vincent 

VLM Draw - went well. Jim Coudroy & Jim Kerr win 2 club places

Xmas Meal 2013 - Lawrence & Mike

As the club has been given 3 Free Hotel rooms it was proposed that they should be raffled off. Members who have brought tickets would have the chance of winning a hotel room in a raffle draw. This would only be available to Members. It was felt that for the winner to be asked to make a donation was not a good idea. Rooms were a prize. Lawrence was to use the event to promote buying the remaining available tickets. 

Action:  Send an email out announcing the date of draw as 19th Nov. Members’ Area presentation after this event by Paolo & Peter H. Barry/Laurence

Additional Club Social Events - Peter H

As the structure is already there: (2 main events AGM Club, CC presentation, Xmas do, post London Marathon meal)

It was suggested that a new group position would be set up of 2 club members who could manage the club social calendar. A budget for the year to fund events would be managed by the group. Basic event cost £200, 6-8 events per year and no annual event to use quarter of funds. £1,500 for year. Special events could be addressed and factored in to the budget. The group would report back to committee.

Action: Send out an email to find members  - manage budget and events. Peter H

Peter H suggested new CC Awards presentation - social event - could be arranged on a sat/weekend day away from the LDC? Also an event - possible mock pantomime in January. Committee members encouraged to participate/fun event.

Action: Consider all options ALL


Funding 3 coaches to go on leader and running fitness date TBC

New coaches -Suitable candidates – discuss at coaches’ meeting

Other Business

Stuart S raised £593 for VLM Giving.

Committee meeting ended 10:15pm 

Minute taker: Paolo

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