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Committee Meeting 1st Oct 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 01/10/13

Present : Barry T (chair), Lin E (treasurer), Carmel R, Gary W, Heather K, Ken B, Maxine B, Peter H, Stuart S.

Guest : Paolo

The meeting commenced at 21:00.

Apologies : Janet H, Kev D, Gary B, Vincent R (Vincent was due to join the meeting partway but was unable to join us)

In Janet’s absence, it was agreed that Peter H minute the meeting.

Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed without amendment and will be posted on the website. Action points completed: Christmas Party details are now on the website and an email has gone out; Peter had passed the earlier communication document to Barry (and this was distributed for later discussion). Paolo was yet to liaise with Peter about workshop dates for understanding and using the members’ area of the website. Workshops were scheduled for Tuesday 22nd and 29th October at 9pm after the regular run.

Action: Paolo to publicise dates; Peter to support with laptop and projector.

Chairman’s Brief

Barry had received many comments praising the Littledown 5 and extended thanks to all (members and non-members) who helped with the event. He will be incapacitated in coming months and while unable to participate in running sessions intends to see out his year as chairman. He gave notice that the committee may need a temporary chair for the November meeting.

Secretary’s Brief

In Janet’s absence Barry informed the meeting that The Littledown 5 has been confirmed as part of the Dorset Road Race League in 2014. 

Treasurer’s Brief

The bank balance is healthy (exact amount disclosed to committee) with some Littledown 5 expenses still outstanding but the £500 Christmas party deposit has been paid. This balance also includes all charity monies raised to date (with separate record of charity balance maintained). Charity moneys from the LD5 are yet to be calculated and added to the charity fund. Action : Vincent to detail LD5 costs to Lin.

Littledown 5

In Vincent’s absence no detail was available, however it was understood that the race date for 2014 is the second Sunday in September, in line with previous years.

Action: Vincent to provide report.

Virgin London Marathon (VLM) draw

Janet has passed the administration of the Club places for the VLM to Ken B. The Club has two confirmed entries for 2014. An email has been sent out informing members that rejection slips must be passed to Ken. The draw will be held on 29th October (just prior to the website training) and the final date for slips to be passed to Ken / any committee member is Friday 25th October.

Action: Barry T to send out final details.


Carmel confirmed that the beginners’ sessions were going very well. 4/5 members were taking up Club membership; 5 beginners ran the LD5. On the night of the committee 24 runners had been at the session – the group regularly sub-divides to accommodate all abilities. The group has a diverse composition: runners with a range of abilities, of all ages and a mix of men and women. The Park Runs are popular with beginners and the session has been publicised on the Run Britain website. Carmel felt that an event like the LD5 Handicap would be a good opportunity for members and beginners to mix. It was suggested that all coaches should consider supporting the beginners’ session.

Action: Gary W to add the beginners’ session to the Coaches’ meeting agenda


The new Bournemouth Park Run is going well and continues on Saturdays at 9am.

Club Championship

Barry is seeking support with the administration of the championship. He welcomes any suggestions or ideas, perhaps experienced elsewhere or within other groups.

Action: Barry T to send out email.

Social Events

Mike N is holding a Halloween Run on Thursday 31st October – all welcome.

Action: Mike N to send out details

Gary W is looking to run a Brewery Tour, a quiz night away from the Littledown Centre was suggested - but it was evident that social events need greater oversight and coordination. It was agreed that a separate group should be considered. Lin, Maxine and Gary W all showed interest in being part of such a group and Peter agreed to advance the idea.

Action: Peter to gather information for the next meeting.


44 members have signed up to the members’ area of the website. Suggestions for encouraging engagement with the members’ area need to be explored although it was acknowledged that it would be difficult to move all communications onto the website.

Communication. Again there had been no time to fully discuss communication matters – however many points had related to communication. Documents were distributed to inform the discussion that was held over to the next meeting.

Paolo would like to have additional administrative support with the LD Facebook page. An invite has gone out from Paolo.

Gary announced that the next Coaches meeting will be on Tuesday 8th Oct. Action: Gary to send out information and invite to all coaches.

Maxine raised the issue of club vests – the present ones are made of a material that chaffs badly.

The website has been piecemeal updated and is looking rather fragments and cluttered. Gary W suggested it needed ‘nicening up’.

Action: Paolo and Barry to tidy the website

The meeting finished at 22:30 (as we were being shown from the building!)

Next Meeting – 5th November  @  9pm  (tbc)

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