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Committee Meeting 2nd July 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting  02/07/13

Present : Barry T, Janet H, Lin E, Gary B, Ian N, Gary W, Carmel R, Heather K, Vincent R, Maxine B, Ken B, Paolo DL       

The meeting commenced at 21:00

Apologies : Kev D, Peter H

Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website. 

All matters arising relating to the AGM were completed.

Chairman’s Brief

Barry expressed his thanks for the effort involved in organising a successful AGM. In his new position of Chair he has set a priority to ensure more active involvement in club matters by other members.

Secretary’s Brief

AGM minutes are in progress. Janet will be attending the DRRL meeting in Blandford on July 8th.

Treasurer’s Brief

The bank balance is healthy but there are payments of about £1000 due to England Athletics and £700 for club vests outstanding. Lin re-iterated that we need to have plenty of up-front cash for such events as Littledown 5 and Social events.

Membership Update.

This was targeted as the main subject for this meeting. Topics Listed were 

6.1            Membership form - format - availability 

6.2. Web site 

6.3. Membership information/storage

6.4. Standard letters

6.5. Lapsed membership

6.6. Officer's responsibilities

6.7. Database compilation/access/update

6.8. Payment methods

6.9. Enforcement

To facilitate the above, Paolo gave a demo of the membership form on-line.  

Ken shared a list of members whose payments were overdue. The following actions were agreed :

Action : Paolo to send link to application form for committee members to ‘trial’ in the next 2 weeks. (Feedback to Paolo)

Action : Ken to provide list of suspended members to committee members and coaches to ensure that these ex members are not attending training sessions and entering races as affiliated to LH.

Action : Ken to send out emails/letters to lapsed/suspended members.

Payment method to be re-visited at a later stage. 

Action : Barry to liaise with Ken, Paolo and Peter to discuss additional letter and to process feedback from committee members on the use of the new form. Form to be in place by August meeting.

Holton Lee Relays.

Unfortunately this clashes with other events and no one had come forward to assist in the organisation. It was confirmed that the Club would cover the ‘entry’ costs for the teams.

Action : Barry to attempt to find ‘volunteer’.

Littledown 5

Vincent reported that the application forms are now available for distribution. We already have 25 entries. Help still needs help from members on the key organisational roles.

Action : Coaches (Gary) to put Littledown 5 runs in schedule in September


It was agreed that Stuart Smith would be the new Men’s captain with help from    Mike Neal

Maxine Bennett attended the meeting as a trial and has agreed to join the committee.

Thanks and Welcome to all.

The meeting finished at 22:20

Next Meeting –  6th August @  9pm  

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