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Committee Meeting 6th Aug 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting  06/08/13

Present : Barry T, Janet H, Lin E, Ken B, Peter H, Kev D Maxine B, Stuart S

                Guest  : Mike N 

The meeting commenced at 21:00

Apologies : Gary B, Gary W, Carmel R, Heather K, Vincent R, Paolo

Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website. 

Action : Janet to retry access to make updates

There were a number of matters arising related to membership, which were covered.

Membership Form – some feedback to go to Paolo (encryption, first claim/second claim status) and then it should be ready to ‘go live’. 

Action : Barry to discuss with Paolo 

Ken gave an update on the current list of members who have not renewed.  We currently have 132 paid-up members. 

Action : Ken to send list of email addresses to Barry, Janet and Paolo. Ladies/men’s list to be sent to Heather and Stuart respectively.

Thanks to everyone for getting this to a stage where next year will fall into place very easily. 

L5 marshall run has been scheduled by the coaches.

3 Teams participated in the Holton Lee relays.

Christmas Party 

Mike N gave a status update on the arrangements for the Christmas Party.

It will be held at the Queens Hotel on Fri Dec 13th. It will be a traditional Christmas Dinner with no particular theme. The cost will be £25.50 per person. 50 places have been reserved.

The committee agreed to subsidise members by £5.50 and non members by 50p.

Action : Lin to contact hotel regarding possible discounts

Action : Mike to advertise event to members

Chairman’s Brief

Barry said he continued to be impressed by club attendance at events/races and also the strength of the new beginners group and the commitment of their coaches.

Secretary’s Brief

Janet reminded the committee that she had circulated the list of potential league races for 2014 to all concerned. Feedback required by Sept meeting.

She also showed the sample of new ‘lightweight’ material that will be available for future orders of running vests if preferred to existing stock.

Treasurer’s Brief

The bank balance is currently very healthy. In addition to cheques which still haven’t cleared through the account (UKA, Vests), there are expenses related to the Littledown 5 and the Christmas Party to be covered up front.

Littledown 5

100 additional medals and 200 kit bags have been ordered.

The club will be entering a Men’s and Ladies Team (6+4)

 Forms are to be distributed at the Park Runs.

There were a number of questions raised in Vincent’s absence : 

The situation regarding the number of marshalls/head marshall?

Contents of ‘goody bags’?

Update on Risk Assesment, Insurance & Council payment?

Action : Barry to contact Vincent to set up a meeting on his return from holiday.

Janet mentioned that Whitestar running have a large finish clock available for hire.

Action : Janet to follow up on cost/availability.


Max queried where to view race reports. She was advised that they are on club website.

Barry distributed a list of topics for discussion in relation to Communication. This was intended for next meeting but may have to be postponed if Littledown 5 requires priority.

The meeting finished at 22:03

Next Meeting –  3rd h Sept  @  9pm  

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