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Committee Meeting 3rd Sept 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting  03/09/13

Present : Barry T, Janet H, Lin E, Gary W, Peter H, Kev D, Heather K,        

                Maxine B, Vincent R                                 

           Guests  : Paolo, Mike N 

The meeting commenced at 21:00

Apologies : Gary B, Ken B, Carmel R, Stuart Sm

Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website. 

Janet had a ‘training session with Paolo prior to the meeting and hopes to be able to update the website in the future.

Email addresses of current members were sent to chairman, secretary, webstite controller and captains.

Paolo gave a demo of the member’s area, with 38 members having now signed-up. A link to the member area will be set up from the club website (members only). We should encourage members to join up and make their profiles ‘interesting’ with a possible competition later in the year.

Action : Paolo to give a workshop one Tues after training. Peter/Paolo to liaise on dates.

Barry gave a vote of thanks to Paolo for getting the website to its current position.

No additional time was available to go through other communication items and so will be carried over. Peter has a document from previous meeting which he will share with Barry. 

Action : Peter to pass communication document to Barry.

Christmas Party.

Lin has paid the deposit and managed to acquire 3 rooms for the night at the hotel. As Mike and Laurence don’t wish to take advantage of these, they will be used as a means of fund raising for the charities.

Deposits of £10 can now be taken.

Action : Laurence to send email to members with details of the event and a request for deposits.

Chairman’s Brief

Barry congratulated Peter on organising the ‘Beastly Bus’ and reported that the event was a great success for the club, with the Ladies Team winning on the day.

Secretary’s Brief

Janet reported that UKA have changed some of their fees for 2014.The Club fee will go up from £50 to £75 per annum. 

She mentioned that the date for requesting Club places for the VLM was getting pushed out and was concerned that she might be on holiday at the key time.

Action : Janet to contact Ken to see if he can take over for this year.

Treasurer’s Brief

The bank balance is slightly lower than last month, with a further £500 still o/s for  the Christmas party deposit. The expenses related to Littledown 5 were not known.

Action : Vincent to pass all receipts to Lin after the race.

Peter reported that the ‘Beastly Bus’ had made £170 for our charities. Well done.

Littledown 5

Vincent gave a detailed update.

There will be a Marshall Run on Tuesday 10th Sept. Beginners to be invited.

A number of members had volunteered to be Group Leaders. Also, Ade is available as Head Marshall once again.   

Additional prizes have been obtained and Vincent hopes to get some fruit provided for the finish line.

A ‘proforma’ map of the course has been produced by Steve H, which can be utilised in future years.

AECC and St. Johns Ambulance will be present. Uncertain about representation from the charities.

Action : Barry to contact Ade and Naomi to see what plans they had for their charities.


This was discussed with a few strong candidates put forward. A decision was made and it will be awarded after the L5 on Sunday.


The ‘Club’ place has become re-available in the Bournemouth Marathon. As it is short notice, we agreed that if it was possible to do so, we would transfer to another member.  

Maxine queried why L5 did not have entries on the day. The response was that although it was possible, it caused an administrative overhead and also left us with uncertainty over how many race mementos to purchase

Kevin asked who had altered the Club Notice Board. This had been changed significantly was quite ‘busy’ with detail and lacked any Orange colouring. It was decided that this was an issue of poor timing and communication and would be followed up.

The meeting finished at 22:15

Next Meeting –  1st Oct  @  9pm  

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