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Committee Meeting 4th June 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 04/06/13


Present : Steve S, Janet H, Gary B, Gary W, Barry T, Peter H, Kevin D, Carmel R

               Heather K    

Apologies : Lin E, Vincent R  

The meeting commenced at 20:45

  1. AGM Items

1.1.Matters Arising 2012

   The minutes are still not being displayed on the website.

   Action : Steve to contact Paolo to get backdated minutes up and to give Janet the  

   correct access add in the future.

   One change to be made to last year’s minutes
to correct a typo. (Janet)

1.2. Venue/Transportation

   It was agreed that members should be reminded of the location and advised to

   car share.

   Action : Janet to send out further email regarding the venue


   Janet is collating attendance numbers via email and form on the notice board.

   Working on a figure of 50 at the moment.

   Action : Janet to continue to collect names of attendees/non attendees and give

   numbers to the venue for catering.


   The ROTQ and recipient of the Bush Forman Trophy were agreed. A decision was

   also made on honorary membership.

   Action : Barry to arrange ROTY prior to AGM & get trophies engraved.

1.5.Charity of the Year

   There were 2 nominations – Visually Impaired Sports (Steve) and Positive Action

(Peter). They will both do a 2 minute pitch at the AGM. There will be a blind ballot

   on the night

Action : Peter/Steve to liaise with Janet regarding ‘what’ they should be



Steve notified the committee that Vincent would be standing down as Captain.

All other committee members are prepared to continue with the exception of Steve

who declared his intentions to stand down last year.

Action : Janet to make club members aware of opportunities as Team Captains or

general committee members.

The raffle will be conducted during the course of the evening (Peter H)

Janet will visit the venue to confirm numbers, menus and room layout.


  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.

Coaching strategy to be covered under Item 8.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve took the opportunity to thank the committee for all their support during his time as Chairman. In response the committee thanked and congratulated Steve on what he had achieved in providing the club with a firm direction.

  1. Secretary’s Update.

Ladies and Men’s vests have now been ordered.

  1. Membership Update.

There are still 36 members who have not renewed/paid subs.

Action : Gary to provide list at next meeting and next steps regarding follow-up to be discussed.

  1. Treasurer’s Update.


  1. Holton Lee Relays.

These will replace the Wayfarers relays and a number of club members have expressed an interest in participating. It was agreed that the Club would cover the ‘entry’ costs for the teams.

Action : Barry to take forward and solicit help. Tracey L has helped in previous years.


  1. Coaching Update.

At the last coaches meeting the need for a Head Coach was discussed. There is a willing Level 2 Coach to take this over initially.

Action : Gary to facilitate getting the Coaches to put forward a proposal to the committee.

  1. Captains Updates.

     Heather requested a list of Lady members and their contact details.

     Action : Gary(Ken) to produce.

     It was agreed that the monthly reports from the Captains were important items of  


     Action : Captains to liaise on this action after the AGM

10. AOB

10.1.               Janet has received a club invitation to a Quiz night organised by Christchurch Runners. She will send out to club members to see is anyone will volunteer to organise.

10.2.               Steve informed us that the Club had been donated an 18inch bear as a mascot. It will appear at the AGM, dressed in a club vest and there will be a competition to name him/her.



The meeting finished at 22:00



Next Meeting – 2nd July @ 9pm

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