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Committee Meeting 5th Feb 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 05/02/13


Present : Steve S, Janet H, Ian N, Lin E, Gary W, Peter H, Kevin D, Barry T, Carmel R, Heather K, Vincent R,

Apologies : None Guest : Paolo DL

The meeting commenced at 21:00

  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.

Steve confirmed that Gary B and Ken B would share membership secretary role.

Gary to attend future meetings.

Action : Janet to setup meeting between to Lin, Ian, Ken, Gary and herself to define roles at detail level.

Paolo showed the committee the membership form online and the committee members will test it out.

Action : Paolo to email out details of how to access it for trial by the committee members before the next meeting.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve reported that we are implementing some excellent processes and going from strength to strength.

He thanked Barry for organising and delivering the CC awards evening.

  1. Secretary’s Update.

Janet reported that UKA are in the process of refunding overpayments for foreign athletes.

She also congratulated Barry but commented on the ‘distractions’ during the presentations and it was agreed that this would need to change and would be handled under the Social calendar (point 10)

  1. Membership Update.

We have 3 new members, 4 in the application process and two who have finally re-joined.

A list of current members has been sent to Paolo.

  1. Treasurer’s Update.

The Club’s finances are little changed with still plenty to support planned activities.

  1. Coaching Update.

Numbers are still good on the ‘new’ sessions with at least 12 at the Beginners and about 15 on the Thursday Club Runs. Figures for Friday remain unchanged with 20+ at the January track session.

Gary has a Coaches meeting arranged for 12th Feb, to be confirmed to coaches by email.

  1. Club Championship/ROTQ.

Barry confirmed that there were 25 members in the first race. A good start.

Captains should take responsibility for making announcements regarding the forthcoming events on Club nights.

Dates for the ROTQ have been decided : The dates for committee discussion are

5th March, 4th June, 3rd Sept and 3rd Dec with awards one week later.

  1. Barry Light’s 60th Marathon.

Steve reminded the committee that Barry’s 60th Marathon will be at Littledown on Feb 17th. The charities and the press will be in attendance. He proposed that the Club made a donation towards the celebration on the day and it was agreed unanimously. Also we should encourage members to support during/after the run.

Action : Everyone to promote the event amongst the runners

  1. AGM Venue 2013.

Several possibilities were put forward ( Chapel Gate, Hurn Bridge, Meyrick Park) with some estimates already obtained. These and any additional propsals to be put forward at next meeting.

Action : Janet to put on Agenda for March, committee members to look at any other alternatives.

  1. Social Calendar.

This item crossed several of the topics covered on the Agenda already. We need to diarise events (nominations and awards) and detail responsibilities.

Action : Janet to circulate details prepared by Peter and put on Agenda for next meeting.

  1. AOB

    1. Vincent reported that the notice board is still WIP and a club member (Steve H) will be helping with the printing

    2. Peter reported on an opportunity for a caravanning weekend in IOW. He will keep us posted.

    3. Gary requested that the Littledown Flags be available for 17th.

    4. Gary also suggested that the club had some ‘windproof’ jackets with club logo. We do not have a clothing rep at the moment. Next steps?

    5. Steve informed us that Martin Yelling wished to discuss the Bournemouth Marathon with the committee. We agreed that we would allow him a maximum of 10 minutes at the start of the next meeting.

Action : Steve to invite Martin & Janet to put on the Agenda (Item 1)

    1. Steve also reminded us that we should get some succession planning in place for Chairman and Secretary (assistant).

Action : Steve to send out email to the members looking for volunteers.

The meeting finished at 22:10

Next Meeting – 5th March @ 9pm  

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