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Committee Meeting 8th Jan 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 08/01/13


Present : Steve S, Janet H, Ian N, Gary W, Peter H, Kevin D, Barry T, Carmel R, Heather K, Vincent R,

Apologies : Lin E

The meeting commenced at 21:00

  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.

Related Action : Steve to send out mail regarding membership secretary position.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve believes the Club is progressing very well. There are new training sessions and good teamwork amongst the coaches. The ‘Communication’ actions are being rolled out with some still on-going. He thanked the committee members for what has been achieved so far.

  1. Secretary’s Update.

Janet reported that UKA have changed fee structure for affiliation – yet again. It is now a more straightforward £10 per member.

VLM entries for club members are now completed.

Peter represented Janet at DRRL meeting in Blandford and suggested that we make more of our members more aware of the structure of the Road Race League together with a few stats.

Action : Barry to put some details together for the website.

  1. Membership Update.

One or two members have finally re-joined and we also have a couple of new members. Some complications occur when members transfer their subs and Ian isn’t aware until Lin gets the bank statement.

Action : (For new membership secretary) Request that all members paying by transfer also notify the membership secretary by email.

Barry/Paolo need the list of current members to enable them to set up access to the members area of the club website.

Action : Ian(Ken B) to provide list to Barry.

  1. Treasurer’s Update.

The Club’s financial position still strong with some outstanding monies still due from the Xmas Party.

  1. Membership Form.

This had previously been distributed, by Peter, to all committee members for review.

There were a few modifications required but the form is almost ready to go. There were concerns about the number of links to other parts of the club website and external websites. The following Actions are required by Peter(Gary)

6.1 Discuss the links with Paolo

6.2 Review the form with Ken

  1. Club Championship

Barry distributed the revised list.

2012 awards are now ready for presentation.

Action : Barry to arrange/announce date for presentation.

  1. Captains Reports


  1. AOB

    1. New sessions are taking off well. Carmel had 10 attendees at the beginners and 17 attended the new Thursday session.

Additional Hi viz vests are to be ordered from Simon.

    1. A framework is required for social events this year to tie in with major ‘running’ events and ROTQ.

    2. Gary reported that he had negotiated with UKA to remove DOB details for Foreign athletes from UKA website. (Well done!)

    3. AGM venue for this year under discussion. To be put on the Agenda for next meeting. A volunteer will be required to take this on.

The meeting finished at 22:00

Next Meeting – 5th February @ 9pm  

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