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Committee Meeting 4th Dec 2012

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 04/12/12


Present : Steve S, Janet H, Ian N, Lin E, Gary W, Peter H, Kevin D, Barry T, Carmel R, Vincent R, Paolo DL

Apologies : Heather K

The meeting commenced at 21:00

  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve continues to remain attached to the club by computer screen (remote control!). He now has the list of email addresses about 95% complete.

  1. Updates from Communication Meeting. 

Paolo/Barry presented the options for the member’s area on the club site. The committee agreed that they would like most of the content of the main website open and available for non-members. However, minutes and detailed training plans to be

members only’.

Action : Paolo to implement and committee to review at the meeting in 3 months.

Membership forms – Peter distributed a ‘draft’ for feedback at next meeting.

Action : All to review and provide feedback. Janet to add to Agenda

Noticeboard = Still WIP

  1. Secretary’s Update.

Janet to pay fees for foreign athletes before the end of the year. This led to a general discussion on UKA handling of data relating to athletes (foreign and UK) and the varying levels of payment for membership.

Action : Committee to review in 2013 before payment of 2013/2014 fees.

The Quarterly RRL meeting is to be held at Blandford on 7th Jan.

Peter H will accompany Janet, if available.  

We have been offered a ‘free’ club place in the Bournemouth Marathon if we display their poster on our website for at least one month. Paolo has done this for us. We decided that the place could be raffled or used in some way to raise money for our new charities.

  1. Membership Update.

Ian reported that 116 members have paid-up for the current half year. There is still some ongoing activity but about 30 members have not yet paid their dues and will be removed from the club list.

For personal reasons, Ian will be unable to continue in his role after the first quarter of 2013. A number of the committee members have volunteered to share the load to keep things moving forward.

  1. Treasurer’s Update.

The accounts remain healthy, with a lot of activity related to the Christmas party.

The monies raised for the Charity of the year will be calculated and a cheque presented to Mosaic next week.

Action : Lin, Peter and Steve to co-ordinate a cheque and getting the Mosaic rep along next Tuesday evening.

  1. Coaches Update.

    1. There will be a 3 month trial of a steady run (8-10 miles) on a Thursday

    2. Fridays will continue as a 2 session evening

    3. The beginners course will commence in January

    4. Confirmation has been received from UKA insurers that coaches/leaders are covered regardless of level. They need only hold a valid licence.

    5. It is planned to send several more coaches on a ‘Coach in Running Fitness Course’

    6. Various items of kit have been purchased

Action : Details of new sessions to be advertised by ‘word of mouth’ at club briefings and via the training schedule.

  1. ROTQ/Club Championship

Nominations for ROTQ were put forward and winner selected. To be presented next Tuesday.

The Committee agreed Barry’s proposed races for 2013.

  1. Captains Reports


  1. AOB

    1. Peter announced that Vincent has now ‘officially’ taken over the LDH5.

Thanks to Peter for his commitment over the last few years.

10.2 Carmel queried the format of the event in the bar after the handicap race.

It was agreed to proceed on the basis of a charity presentation, ROTQ presentation and a ‘quiz sheet’ for those interested. Food to be organised by Peter.

The meeting finished at 22:15

Next Meeting – 8th January @ 9pm  

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