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Committee Meeting 2nd April 2013

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 02/04/13


Present : Steve S, Janet H, Ian N, Gary B, Peter H, Kevin D, Barry T, Carmel R, Heather K

Apologies : Gary W, Lin E, Vincent R

The meeting commenced at 21:00

  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.

Completed actions –

Logins/Password to Club Website should now be available to all committee members

AGM – Deposit Paid, Janet to notify members of venue.

Social Events – Peter is to facilitate in short term, to be added to Agenda at AGM.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve reflected on the massive amount achieved by the committee, everything which we wished to move forward with is happening in a smart and professional way. We should continue to consolidate and continue in the same vein.

There has been no additional interest in taking over the Chair at the AGM.

Action : Janet to send reminder to club members of available positions.

  1. Secretary’s Update.

Janet made the committee aware that UKA are making changes again. The UKA club portal has been unavailable but on it’s return it should be more helpful.

She raised the question of how we were going to ‘ballot’ the Bournemouth Marathon place awarded to the Club. After discussion it was decided that -

Action : Peter would liaise with Naomi and Ade in organising a ‘raffle’ at one of the upcoming social events.

  1. Membership Update.

Ian has now handed over responsibility to Gary. Steve thanked Ian for all his help

over the years and the committee members also expressed their thanks.

Action : Janet to notify members of change of Membership Secretary and also

send out a reminder about contact details.

A generic email contact needs to be set up on the Club website for the Membership


Action : Barry to ask Paolo to set up membersec@littledownharriers to route to

Gary B.

Payments for 2013/2014 have been coming through steadily, 20 received by Gary plus a number of bank transfers.

Membership Form online – Some feedback was received and will be actioned where possible. Paper forms still needed for new members.

Action : Peter to provide paper forms to Gary B.

  1. Treasurer’s Update.

No Report.

Discussion on signatories to be moved to next meeting.

Action : Janet to put ‘signatories’ on Agenda for next meeting.

  1. Coaching Update.

Bournemouth Council have put forward their proposal for charges for the Track for the next year. The committee agreed that the sessions should continue.

Action : Steve to email Gary W to arrange to contact the Council and arrange to sign and make payment.

Things are still going well on Thursdays, Fridays and Beginners sessions.

Janet mentioned that the coaches had discussed ‘use of earphones’ during racing and training. A number of runners are regularly using them at training sessions. The committee agreed that there are Insurance Issues as well as Safety Issues and also a Lack of Respect to the Coach. The committee voted unanimously to support any way forward that the coaches wished to progress this.

Actions : Gary W and Janet to work on wording of Notice to Club members.

  1. CC.

Barry confirmed that 4 races have now been completed. He requested that the Captains and Coaches kept the runners informed of these races whenever possible.

Action : Coaches/Captains raise awareness

The next ROTQ will be agreed on June 4th for presentation on June 11th.

  1. Captains Updates.

Heather had recently update the website with ladies News.

  1. AOB

    1. Carmel advised the committee to leave their cars in a secure well lit place when staying late at the Littledown Centre.

    2. Peter queried the timing/venue of the post marathon celebration. The Sunday evening of the London Marathon may not be the most appropriate.

Action : Peter to liaise with Gary W (George @ Christchurch) and Kevin (Lorenzos) to recommend possibilities.

The meeting finished at 22:01

Next Meeting – 7th May @ 9pm  

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