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Committee Meeting 4th Sept 2012

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 04/09/12



Present : Janet Hooper, Gary Worsley, Kevin Dowsett, Barry Telling, Peter Hellawell, Carmel Ryan, Vincent Rochard

Apologies : Steve Shuck, Ian Noble, Lin Edwards, Heather Khoshnevis

The meeting commenced at 21:00




  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.


Peter and Janet held a brainstorm on Communication which was attended by a few other club members. Peter is to document it prior to the next meeting. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd Oct and will commence at 8:45pm.

There were still some outstanding queries regarding procedures and guidelines for our new approach to forwarding club emails. It was agreed that Barry and Steve would collate a list of queries and discuss with Ade (& Paolo?)

Awaiting list from Steve of the items raised for possible inclusion in our Strategic Plan.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.

  1. Chairman’s Report.



  1. Secretary’s Update.

Janet confirmed that the details for requesting London marathon club entries for were still not available.

She also raised the possibility of the club participating in the Wessex League. Everyone thought this was a good idea.

Action : Vincent to speak to organiser regarding the next steps.

  1. Membership Update.

We now have 154 First Claim members and 12 Second Claim members.


  1. Treasurers Update.

Available funds have continued to go down slightly, but we will receive an injection of cash once the membership renewals come in.


  1. Littledown 5.

Peter reported that we currently have 186 entries, which will probably reach 200 by the time the final few had been processed. Regardless of this we hope to make a good profit for Mosaic with the welcome donation of ‘spot prizes’ and goodies left over from last year.

We will need to purchase more medals for next year.


  1. ROTQ

A number of members received nominations, but the committee had the difficult job of whittling it down to 3 contenders. A decision was made and the presentation will be made next Tuesday.


  1. Captains Report

Vincent stressed that the men’s team had their work cut out to avoid relegation in the league. It is possible and the fact that some of the races are Club Championship will help. The ladies continue to do well.


  1. AOB

    1. Peter has suggested that we hold a Littledown 5 Handicap race on a Tues evening in early November.

    2. Gary mentioned the success of the Shapwick mile and also that a ‘trainee’ at the AECC had sought an opportunity to do some post race massages after the training sessions. As there are several potential issues with this (place, time, possible need to hire room) Gary will ask more questions and get back to the committee. He also reported that there will be a Coaches meeting on September 18th.



The meeting finished at 22:15


Next Meeting – 2nd October @ 8:45pm

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