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Committee Meeting 7th Aug 2012

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 07/08/12



Present : Steve Shuck, Janet Hooper, Lin Edwards, Gary Worsley, Kevin Dowsett, Barry Telling, Peter Hellawell, Carmel Ryan, Heather Khoshnevis, Vincent Rochard

Apologies : Ian Noble

The meeting commenced at 21:00



  1. Communication/Email and Website

There has been some progress on the website training, but there are still some areas not being updated in a timely manner. Steve is also still awaiting a discussion with Ade on his proposals.

It was agreed that this and other communication vehicles were not yet part of a cohesive strategic plan for Communication. Peter H had previously volunteered to pull together a proposal and agreed that he will do the initial leg work with assistance from Janet. The committee will then have a dedicated meeting to progress this after the Littledown 5.

Action : Peter to produce discussion document


  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve gave an update on the Track. He shared feedback that the return to the track had gone well, with 3 of the newer Fitness Leaders preparing and leading events for about 24 attendees.

Payment for the track has been made for the coming 12 months for a once a month session.


  1. Secretary’s Update.

Janet mentioned that

4.1 The details for requesting London marathon club entries for 2013 are not yet available

4.2 Wayfarers relays have been cancelled for this year, they are looking for a new location

4.3 Decision needs to be made on where the members email addresses should

be held (data protection etc)

Action : Steve to follow up on email situation.

  1. Membership Update.

We have 3 new members and one renewal since the AGM.


  1. Treasurers Update.

Available funds have gone down since the AGM. Lin is keeping an eye on the upfront costs for the Littledown 5 and Christmas Party.

We have raised £280 to date for Mosaic, which will be sent to them in due course.


  1. Strategic Plan.

Committee members were asked to nominate 3 areas where they felt there was room for ‘improvement’. A long list was collated by Steve and these will be reviewed and prioritised at a later meeting.

Action : Steve to produce and circulate list




  1. AOB

Carmel requested that she was shown on the club website as a committee member, not a coach.

Kev mentioned that the Club Facebook page was not being used.

Barry raised the concern about training for those updating the website. We are making progress, Janet had her training immediately prior to the meeting.

Peter handed out some Littledown 5 entry forms to be distributed.

Steve mentioned he was unable to attend the next meeting, along with several others. The date has been changed to 11th September.

Peter requested that the coaches put a ‘marshalling run’ into the schedule for September.




The meeting finished at 22:05


Next Meeting – 11h September 2012 @ 9pm

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