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Committee Meeting 10th Jul 2012

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 10/07/12



Present : Steve Shuck, Janet Hooper, Lin Edwards, Gary Worsley, Kevin Dowsett, Barry Telling, Ian Noble, Peter Hellawell, Carmel Ryan

Guests : Paolo, Laurence Stephenson, Mike Neal

Apologies : Heather Khoshnevis, Vincent Rochard, Ade Holloway


The meeting commenced at 21:00


Steve opened the meeting by welcoming Carmel to her first meeting.

  1. Christmas Party

Laurence and Mike shared their proposal for the Christmas party. This would be a themed party (007) at the Queens Hotel (Lansdowne) and would cost approx. £27 per head if we got the required numbers. The committee supported the idea and also agreed to a small subsidy per paid-up club member.

Action : Mike/Laurence to progress and inform members


Steve thanked M&L for their hard work thus far.


  1. Communication/Email and Website

A discussion was held regarding Ade taking over the forwarding of emails to club members. It was explained that all mails would be routed through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to maintain transparency.

Other uses of the website were also discussed e.g. fee payments, purchase of merchandise and will be discussed at next meeting.

Under discussion was also special shirts for Captains.

Action : Steve to discuss further with Ade and invite him to next meeting.

It was mentioned that the list of coaches needs updating on the website.

Action : Gary to provide Paolo with list to enable him to display photos.

The Disciplinary Procedures, Code of Practice and Constitution will also be put on website. Paolo to Action.


  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and will be posted on the website.

Matters arising from AGM concerned how we addressed promoting and fund

raising for 2 charities in 2013. It was agreed that we had time to prepare for this in

future meetings.


  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve believed that the AGM went well and got positive feedback from members attending for the first time. It was relaxed and enjoyable. He said the Littledown Marathon was also a great success.

A meeting has been arranged with Bournemouth council to hopefully finalise track usage and the coaches will follow up on their next meeting (17/07).

Steve felt that the committee needed to set strategic priorities and asked the team to think about areas for improvement.

Action : All committee members to raise 3 areas of improvement to discuss at next meeting


Secretary’s Update.

Janet briefly shared news from the Dorset RRL meeting held on the previous evening. There were 2 specific areas which she will follow up with the appropriate members

RRL races for 2013 – Action : Janet to email Heather, Vince and Barry

Marshalling ‘regulations’ – Action : Janet to email Peter and Vincent


  1. Treasurers and Membership Update.

No change from AGM.


  1. Littledown 5

Peter brought along samples of the finishers mementos from L5.

He suggested that some members might like to order their own ‘personalised’ mugs at an amount higher than cost, to raise funds for our charity. The Committee supported this.


  1. AOB






The meeting finished at 22:20


Next Meeting – 7h August 2012 @ 9pm

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