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Committee Meeting 3rd Apr 2012

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 03/04/12



Present : Steve Shuck, Janet Hooper, Lin Edwards, Gary Worsley, Kevin Dowsett, Barry Telling, Ian Noble, Peter Hellawell, Vincent Rochard

Apologies : Heather Khoshnevis


The meeting commenced at 21:15


  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

The minutes were agreed. There were a number of updates to outstanding items.

Steve to get his signature logged with the bank- still Ongoing

Track Usage. Steve now has forms for completion with assistance from JH/GW.

Mosaic still in contact but via hard copy.

Website Update. New website launched. Missing area can be obtained by linking

to the old website but there are no recent updates to race reports etc. Awaiting

training/idiots guide from Paolo before this can be progressed.

Action – JH (&BT) to ask Paolo to issue guide soonest.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve reported on the continued challenges of the club in a busy period of growth but was impressed with the great presence at the Bournemouth Bay ½ - Runners, Marshalls and Spectators.


  1. Secretary’s Update.

Janet had proposed 2 dates for the AGM in June. The most likely will be June 26th. She sought permission from the committee to ask for help organising the event this year. This was agreed. The proposed change to club renewal date will be put on Agenda for the May meeting.

Action : Janet to produce proposal and send to committee members


  1. Membership Secretary’s Update.

There are currently 156 members, the highest number on record.


  1. Treasurers Update

Current bank balance slightly lower than last month.

There is almost £930 due for payment for vests and coaches ‘safety’ equipment.


  1. ROTQ.

The nominations were discussed and a decision was made.

Action : Barry to obtain award

Action : Steve to make recipient aware that they need to be present for small presentation (Tues Evening)



The meeting finished at 10:30pm.


Next Meeting – 1st May 2012 @ 9pm

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