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Committee Meeting 3rd Jan 2012

Littledown Harriers Running Club

Committee Meeting 03/01/12



Present : Steve Shuck, Janet Hooper, Lin Edwards, Gary Worsley, Kevin Dowsett, Barry Telling, Ian Noble, Peter Hellawell, Heather Khoshnevis, Vincent Rochard

Guests : Paolo, Ade Holloway

Apologies : None


The meeting commenced at 21:00


  1. Minutes of last meeting & Matters arising.

Steve opened the meeting by welcoming Vincent to his new role.


The minutes were agreed. There were a number of matters arising :

Action – Steve to get his signature logged with the bank- still Ongoing

Action – Paolo to create link to new website – see item 2

Action – Track Usage. Steve still working on relationship with Bournemouth Council. He reported that Zoom had experienced similar problems which he was taking into account. Ongoing

Action - Data Manager, Janet produced document outlining the current processes and ‘opportunities’. Steve requested just a short ‘job description’ be issued instead. Ongoing


  1. Website Update. Barry was concerned that no updates had been made for the last month as the changeover has not happened. After discussions it was agreed that :

Action - Paolo to meet with current web designer, send the link out to committee

members within a few days and collate feedback.

Action – All committee members to provide feedback to Paolo within 2 weeks.


The target day for launch, subject to satisfactory feedback is March 15th.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Steve reported that after his 1st year in the post he felt that the club had achieved a great deal. There are still improvements to be made, such as availability of schedules. The new ‘Leaders in Running Fitness’ need to be involved more.

A coaches meeting has been scheduled for 17th Jan and these issues will be raised.


  1. Secretary’s Update.

Janet reported that the deadline for registering foreign athletes had been met and the dues sent. She will be attending the Dorset County meeting at Blandford on Monday 9th.


  1. Membership Secretary’s Update.

There are currently 125 paid-up members plus 2 honorary members, which is

lower than last year.


  1. Treasurer’s Update.

Current bank balance is healthy but there is still some on-going activity relating to the Christmas Party.


  1. Charity of The Year.

Janet informed the committee that Robin was no longer heavily involved with the charity as a result of a job move. It was discussed that we already have plans to raise money from the Littledown 5 and Barry Light through his marathon challenge. However, we should look at other possibilities of getting involved.

Action : Janet to arrange meeting for herself and Steve with Mosaic fund raisers


  1. AOB.

Steve reported on a request for us to support a request for a new ‘Bournemouth & Poole’ marathon. The committee agreed to support. Steve read out his draft reply which we agreed he should send.

Vince reported that he was ‘inspired’ by the Ladies Team and the efforts of their Captain. He vowed to try and get the ‘elite’ male runners to the important races.

Barry suggested that we had the club championship awards at the end of January. A date of Jan 24th was decided upon depending on availability of Litttledown catering.


The meeting finished at 10:00.



Next Meeting – 7th Feb 2012 @ 9pm

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