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Award - Rules



Runner of the Quarter RotQ Awarded for performance, input, encouragement and/or overcoming adversity in last 3 months

  1. Decided by the Committee based on the nominations received from club members and on advice from coaches.

  2. Award will be made at the next most suitable event. Opportunities to do this will vary and therefore be at the discretion of the organiser in consultation with the Committee


Member’s Runner of the Year RotY Voted by members only for another member recognising input, improvement and/or club spirit over last 12 months

  1. Ballot open to all members only

  2. Member with the highest number of votes wins (in event of tie Chairperson’s vote decisive)

  3. Votes must be in writing or by e mail received at least 48hrs before AGM,

  4. Member’s given some guidance on the criteria

  5. All that year’s RotQ winners will be short listed.

  6. Due to the need to ensure every member only votes once it will be impossible to have a secret ballot, however only those involved in the organisation of the vote will be privy to information this will be RotY organiser and one or two other Committee members

  7. RotY award will be made during the AGM each year.


Bush/Forman Trophy ‘Club person of the year’ awarded by Committee and Coaches for work done over the last 12 months for the benefit of the club and its members

  1. Trophy to be kept for one year and returned prior to AGM

  2. Award decided by a joint meeting of the coaches and Committee members at the last coaches meeting prior to the AGM

  3. The attendees will be given prior warning and asked consider their choice prior to the meeting

  4. Each attendee will write a single name as their nomination and hand it to the Chairperson or organiser

  5. All attendees will then discuss the merits of all those named, irrespective of the number of votes cast for any one person (not initially disclosed)

  6. Those eligible but unable to attend the meeting can hand their proxy nomination to a Committee member prior but will not participate in the discussion or the final vote. This name will be added to the names already submitted, if not already present

  7. After discussion all attendees will then write their final nomination name on closed ballot paper with their own name

  8. Votes totalled, the member with most votes will be awarded the trophy

  9. Award presented at AGM

Updated 22.06.12


 Littledown Harrier’s London Marathon Ballot Rules (as of 2011)



If you are rejected from the official London Marathon ballot eligible members (See 1-8) can apply for one of the club’s  allocated places (See 8)  Subject to Club rules.


Draw will take place on a Club night after the run in the Littledown Leisure Centre Bar.


Draw will normally be held in the October/November or December prior to marathon.


Draw date will be announced by Club email, website and notice board and on club nights.


All eligible members will be allocated a unique number drawn from a sealed container. The number of allocated placeswill be drawn plus 2 reserve places (1st and 2nd reserve respectively). All remaining numbers will be checked against original entries immediately after the draw.


Results of the ballot will be circulated by Club email, displayed on website and Club notice board.


Rules for Club Entry places in the Littledown Harrier’s London Marathon Ballot


Eligible members as agreed by committee

 1) The ballot is open to all fully paid-up,1st claim members who are registered as competing athletes and have been Club members since the date of the previous London Marathon and still paid-up Club members when the draw is made.Confirmed by Membership Secretary.


2) To enter the ballot your official marathon reject slip must be given to the Membership Secretary, ideally at least 24hrsprior to the draw being made – see announcements.


3) VOTED on at AGM 2011 Any person using a Club entry place are EXCLUDED from entering the London Marathon draw the following year.


4) Runners winning a Club entry place CAN NOT pass their number to any other person other than the 1st reserve and then the 2nd reserve. This MUST BE before the transfer deadline set by race organisers. Membership Secretary must be notified.


5) 1st reserve takes priority over 2nd. If no reserves available to run the number will be allocated to a paid-up Club member by Membership Secretary – in discussion with available committee members


6) Any runner not using their number, for example, due to last minute injury and not transferring to reserve or held-over Rule 3 will apply. Unless agreed otherwise by the Committee.


7) The Committee reserves the right to delay the ballot or change the rules in extreme circumstances. For example: If marathon cancelled or due to personal, unavoidable or unexpected circumstances.


8) Allocated places are deemed to mean the number of race places allocated to Littledown Harriers’ by the London marathon organisers for that year.



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