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Sunday, 03 September 2017 10:26

Ladies August 2017 Race Report

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This race was always a very popular choice but I see that not too many of us ventered there this time, maybe because it has a reputation of being a scorcher.  Thankfully for those that attended, this was not the case and it was perfect conditions!
Caroline Horder                            1.39.42
Helen Gilbert                                1.40.34
Heather Khoshnevis                     1.40.40
Samantha Pain                             2.03.54
This was a Dorset Championship race and both Caroline and Helen picked up medals in this.  Well done to you both.
A lovely marathon along the Thames Path from Kingston Upon Thames to Putney and back.
Heather Khoshnevis                     3.33
Caroline Horder                            3.41
This was a Club and DRRL race but did'nt appear to attract too many of you.  I do understand it was pretty hilly and very tricky...thus being round the rock one supposes!!
Jenny Beckett                               49.40
Stephanie Palmer                         51.28
Jackie Jenkins                               55.26
Belinda Lopez                              1.03.01
This was again a hilly off road race but certainly did appeal to many of you and was a Club Champ race also
Jo Tomsett                                       49.08
Maria Everitt                                   50.12
Jenny Beckett                                  52.18
Becky Froggatt                                52.40
Karen Thomson                               52.56
Tracy Ashley                                    53.09
Devi Key                                          53.49
Kathy Fooks                                     54.02
Tracey Lander                                  54.38
Mo Eccleston                                   55.15
Mary Corrigan                                  57.23
Julie Bassett                                     58.11
Serena Fooks                                     59.10
Linda Burns                                       59.25
Hettie Dunkley                                  60.28
Elena Micheletto                              60.28
Maxine Bennett                                61.34
Nicola Whittaker                               61.38
Heidi Snook                                       63.12
Josie Harris                                       64.07
Amy Rolph                                         65.02
Jane Knight                                        65.09
Vicky Brown                                      65.33
Emma Rawson                                  66.48
Rebecca Sinkinson                            67.31
Dily Ruffer                                         67.33
Jackie Jenkins                                   68.49
Anne Whittaker                                 74.08
PHEW!!!   Very Well done to all 28 of you!!
I know there have been a few Whitestar races during this month but their results do not come out very quickly so unless I am told by anyone of any particular achievement, then I cannot give it a  mention in this report!  So, we are now facing September and we have our very own Littledown 5mile race on Sunday the 17th.  As most of you should be aware, we do ask that members do not enter this, unless they are going for the Fidelty Award with the DRRL or have been asked as part of a team by the Captains.  I am hoping to put a ladies team.  Please volunteer to marshall if you are available that day so that it ensures a smooth running of the race and withholds our great reputation in hosting this event.  We also have our next Club Race on the 3rd September which is The Beast.  The website says entries close on the 11th August, but they were still open today, the 25th but maybe by the time this report is online it will be closed or full, so I hope that if you wanted to be in it, you are!!
Well done for a great month, we are still showing as 1st in the league.  I am expecting that BAC will steal this from us but I think we can hold a very close 2nd for the remainder of the year.  That would be absolutely amazing !
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