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Tuesday, 06 June 2017 07:10

Ladies May 2017 Race Report

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Guess what Ladies....we overtook the boys in Lymington!!  There were 39 of us!!  We are definitely a force to be reckoned with!!  Well I had better start this huge list........


LYMINGTON 10K  -  Club Champ race

Joanna Tomsett                                 42.46

Hannah Collier                                  43.14

Caroline Horder                                 44.15     1st F60

Helen Gilbert                                     44.41

Heather Khoshnevis                          45.07

Kristina Varley                                   46.39

Kathy Fooks                                       47.43

Nanuka Devi-key                               48.15

Maria Everett                                    49.13

Karen Thomson                                 49.19

Karen Shawcross                               48.55

Tracy Ashley                                      49.25

Sam Pain                                           50.10

Anne Claude Roche                          50.15

Julie Bassett                                     50.20

Serena Fooks                                    50.44

Danielle Dixon                                 51.08

Nicola Whittaker                              51.47

Mo Eccleston                                   52.03

Linda Burns                                     52.11

Jane Burns                                       53.24

Amy Rolph                                        54.02

Jackie Jenkins                                   54.58

Josie Harris                                      54.12

Kay Morris                                        55.34

Heidi Snook                                      55.48

Julie Ann Doyle                                 57.58

Emma Rawson                                  59.09

Belina Lopez                                     59.56

Cheryl O'sullivan                              59.36

Vicky Brown                                    1.00.37

Anne Whittaker                               1.00.45

Niamh Mcqillam                             1.01.35

Alexandra Stevens                          1.01.42

Rebecca Sinkinson                          1.02.27

Mary Cusens                                   1.03.18

Angie Bond                                      1.04.59

Rebecca Sheppard                           1.06.09

Gemma Skinner                               1.06.09


There may be a few errors here and I may have even missed one or two off...but that was so epic....I need to lie down!  Please email me if you have been "wronged" in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I know many of you took part in the various races at the Ox, but when I eventually found the results, there were so many different races going on that it would have taken we hours to scroll through and pick you all out!  So Well done to all that took part, and Im sure many of you shared your achievements of this race on Facebook which most have seen by now.  If you wish to do your own report for this, or any other event, then please please do so and send to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will share it with all our members.



What an extremely fabulous first event!  Everyone I have spoken to has said how much they enjoyed this event, and I know I certainly did, so if you were not there this year, then make sure you are next year!!



Caroline Horder                               3.34.25      2nd lady

Heather Khoshnevis                        3.45.31

Julie White                                       3.59.01

Sally Deamer                                    4.03.54

Jackie Jenkins                                   4.06.39 (As most of us know now, Jackie now holds the GB and European marathon record for female 75.                         An absolutely incredible achievement.  Well done Jackie.

Tracey Lander                                   4.11.20

Nanuka Devi Key                              4.25.43

Joanna Tomsett                                4.26.02

Mary Corrigan                                   4.26.12

Mo Eccleston                                    4.33.57   Congratulations on your First Marathon Mo. Great time :-)

Kay Morris                                         4.40.16

Rebecca Sheppard                            6.12.00



Amy Tarr                                            1.49.29

Karen Thomson                                 2.04.39

Vicky Brown                                      2.35.14

Angie Bond                                        2.37.30

Dily Ruffer                                          2.38.08   Well done Dily.  This was a great performance after only returning back to running 5 weeks ago after

emergency surgery and being very poorly.  Glad to have you back with us :-) the usual apologies as I am sure I have missed something or someone off...but blah blah blah...I am only an email away to rectify my mistakes!!!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ......

Happy running in June...hope to see many of you at Puddletown.......Lacock....Purbeck....and parkruns....or anywhere else we end up!!


Don't forget the AGM 20th June 2017 at Hurn Bridge Sports Centre, Hurn ....and remeber to exercise your right to vote.....for your Runner of the Year X


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