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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 18:26

Ladies April 2017 Race Report

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I must start this report with apologies if you do not get your rightful mention if you have done a race and want to share it with us....there are 3 reasons for this.....1.  Not all results have a seperate list or even show you as being a club member, so therefore I have to scroll through 100's...sometimes 1000's of names to find you and errors can occur...and it does take considerable time that I do not always have!   2. I was not at the race you attended so how would i know you were there!   3.  You did not let me know!  .... simples!!  ..... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is where you can let me know.  Below are the Bay run results and this is a typical example of absence of our club against our name, also Brighton I am sorry in advance! 
Christina Varley 1:45:14 PB
This needs no explanation, you all know what and where  and how lovely it is......
Hannah Collier                                1.37.57     6th lady
Heather Khoshnevis                        1.42.03     1st F55
Carmel Ryan                                    1.47.58
Mo Eccleston                                   1.53.40
Jackie Jenkins                                  1.55.08
Vicky Bishop                                    2.01.04    Welcome back Vicky
Sam Pain                                          2.05.16
Susie Elliott                                      2.07.05
Heidi Snook                                      2.07.39
Fiona Lucas                                      2.07.21
Elena Micheletto                                2.12.00
Mel Roberts                                     2.15.21
Reli Fancy                                         2.33.51
Karen Thomson                                 50.01
Sam Jenkins                                       53.57
Angie Bond                                       1.06.42
Run, walk or crawl a marathon a day for 3 days along the stunning Jurassic Coastal Path.  3 marathons in 3 days is a format that is challenging but achievable by most. Runners, joggers, and walkers all take on the challenge and start at different times each day. The routes each day are marked on issued maps but don't require much navigation to follow as the coastal footpath is well marked along the ways.....did anyone take the plunge???
DAY ONE -  28ish miles!
Caroline Horder        6.28
Julie White               6.15
DAY TWO - another 28ish miles!
Caroline Horder        6.48
Excellent endurance is all I can say...and very well done to you both!
Jenny Beckett             3.43.36
Well done Jenny on this amazing PB and your guaranteed GFA ENTRY into London 2018
Sally Deamer                        3.48.50  A PB!  Excellent...and also a guarenteed GFA London 2018 entry!  LD ladies are taking over!!
Becky Froggatt                      3.54.10
Jacqueline Jenkins                 4.11.28 1st F70  
Tracy Holman Miller               4.31.05
Great times  by you all on such a gorgeous hot day!
Caroline Horder                1.15.03     1st F65
Heather Khoshnevis         1.16.39      2nd F55
Words from Susie Elliott....the time is irrelevant......she just wanted to finish on an extremely hot day amongst 57,000 runners pushing...shoving and throwing banana skins all over the road for everyone to slip on....Mmmm....There must be something nice....but it never was on my "too do" list!  Well done Susie for surviving the battle!
This month is getting busier and busier.....there were 25 orange ladies here, was this because of Club Champ points or a mini egg at the finish!!
We had approximately 50 runners there and this did not go unnoticed and was remarked upon by the organisers and obviously the Bournemouth Echo was impressed too, and we had our famous family portrait displayed therein!!   There is every possibility that some of you  may have been missed off as some where not listed as Littledown Harriers and others may have run in someone else's number, or my eyes just did'nt see your I apologise....let me know if you are missing and we can add you in
Joanna Tomsett                                  45.44
Hannah Collier                                   45.57
Caroline Horder                                 47.27     1st F50
Heather Khoshnevis                          47.32
Kristina Varley                                   50.51
Nanuka Devi-Key                               51.17
Julie Bassett                                      51.41
Sam Pain                                            52.19
Tracy Ashley                                      53.08
Mo Eccleston                                     53.14
Sally Deamer                                     53.59
Heidi Snook                                       55.49
Jackie Jenkins                                    56.14  (Jackie did Parkrun first and THEN ran down to this race!!)
Gemma Skinner                                 56.15
Amanda Shepheard                           57.06
Becky Hawkins                                  57.12
Maxine Bennett                                 58.19
Jenny Beckett                                    1.00.10
Emma Rawson                                  1.02.27
Heather Payne                                  1.02.39
Anne Whittaker                                 1.04.51
Alexandra Stevens                            1.05.00
Mary Cusens                                     1.06.04
Victoria Brown                                  1.06.29
Michelle Elson                                  1.18.21
The 23rd April is now done and dusted so its time to report on this spectacular day for many...... starting with the ...
LONDON MARATHON .... Please note that you could well be missed off for your efforts as I can only take the list of Littledown Harriers as they appear on the results and they do not always get it right! if you are not on the list below....please let me know and I can have you inserted!!
Caroline Horder                                 3.20.53    1st F65 and a PB !!
Heather Khoshnevis                          3.29.43
Kathy Fooks                                      3.42.42
Carmel Ryan                                     3.47.50
Hannah Ridout                                  3.59.56
Jackie Jenkins                                   4.00.39    2nd F70 and a PB!
Nanuka Devi Key                               4.08.20
Wendy Tobin                                     4.55.19
Anne Whittaker                                 5.06.49
Rebecca Sinkinson                             5.10.23
Belinda Lopez                                    5.52.13
Rebecca Shepherd                             5.54.28
Becky Hawkins                                4.28.39    A MASSIVE PB OF ALMOST AN HOUR!!!!  Watch out Greg!
Rachel Smith Harrison                     1.48.37
Mary Cusens                                    2.29.52
Angie Bond                                      2.35.47   From Couch to Half Marathon in less than a year!! Very impressive achievement
NORTH DORSET VILLAGE MARATHON -  DRRL race -  Unfortunately not enough ladies to make a team
Heather Khoshnevis                        3.36.08     3rd lady
Julie White                                       4.04.25
Well done for a very busy and fast April......May is here.....our next Club Champ Race is the Lymington 10k on May 14th....last date for entries is the 12th and there are no entries on the day!!  Hope to see you all there
Captain Hev
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