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Mens April 2017 Race Report

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April 2017

Bournemouth Bay (2nd April) - 580 finishers

Apologies if you are not listed in the results and ran, if you want to be included, please drop me an email with your name and time and I will add you - unfortunately the results site does not list Club for most runners!

Position Name Time
1 Craig PALMER 1:13:12
15 Robert JONES 1:22:47
19 Matthew BROWN 1:24:24
36 Andy MERCER 1:27:25
46 Mark GOODWIN 1:28:57
68 Stephen WILLIAMS 1:32:31
82 Steve ELSON 1:34:01
97 David WILSON 1:35:28


Taunton Marathon (2nd April)

Thanks go to Greg Bemment for submitting this race report: "Graham and I had already sampled the tapas bars of Spain this year with earlier marathons of Barcelona and Seville respectively. Now it was time for the cider dens of Taunton. The Taunton marathon consists of two laps. The first one is run with about 1500 people doing the half marathon and in the second lap this drops down to 200 for the marathon. Each lap has a longish gradual climb and two short, sharp hills but neither of us thought it was particularly hilly. If the weather is good the second lap can get a bit warm as it's a 10.30 start. Support was surprisingly good as was the organisation. Half the time you are running out of the town and the other half is in countryside. Overall it was a good day with both of us achieving PBs!"

Name Time  
Graham Malt 3:20:31 PB
Greg Bemment 3:35:24 PB


Rotary Quarter (15th April) - 297 finishers


Position Name Time  
7 WORSLEY, Gary 0:39:33  
10 GOODWIN, "Jeff" 0:40:34 PB
11 DOWSETT, Luke 0:40:44  
12 JONES, Rob 0:40:45  
13 HALLETT, Richard 0:40:54  
15 PACKER, Mark 0:41:08  
16 BLAKEWAY, Scott 0:41:35  
33 MALT, Graham 0:43:37 PB
38 WILSON, David 0:44:04  
41 ELSON, Steve 0:44:41  
42 HAWKINS, Greg 0:44:45  
46 BATT, Glenn 0:44:58  
48 BASHAM, Adam 0:45:02  
49 BARRACLOUGH, Daniel 0:45:17  
53 BEMMETT, Greg 0:45:23  
57 HOLMES, Darren 0:45:32 PB
83 CLEWES, Anthony 0:48:30  
86 KIBBLE, Mike 0:49:01  
111 BARTON, Peter 0:50:31  
112 FORD, Ryan 0:50:36  
129 LUCAS, Martin 0:51:48  
130 DUTTON, Scott 0:51:51  
191 HOLLOWAY, Ade 0:57:12  
206 SMITH, Stuart 0:58:14  
208 BURDETT, Guy 0:58:33  


London Marathon (23rd April)

Place Name Category Half Finish Time  
68 » Palmer, Craig (GBR) 18-39 1:13:48 2:30:46 PB
979 » Brown, Matthew (GBR) 18-39 1:27:07 2:52:01 PB
1014 » Howard-Tomes, Darren (GBR) 18-39 1:24:32 2:52:31 PB
1171 » Worsley, Gary (GBR) 50-54 1:26:39 2:54:08 PB
2387 » Jones, Robert Anthony (GBR) 18-39 1:27:52 3:04:26  
2594 » Wilson, David (GBR) 50-54 1:28:03 3:06:30  
2976 » Packer, Mark 45-49 1:21:07 3:09:25  
2990 » Goodwin, Mark (GBR) 40-44 1:30:33 3:09:32  
3007 » Williams, Stephen (GBR) 18-39 1:32:43 3:09:41  
5130 » Turle, Paul James (GBR) 55-59 1:41:50 3:23:47 PB
9879 » Bailey, Patrick (GBR) 18-39 1:47:35 3:47:21  
11989 » Collins, Michael Andrew (GBR) 45-49 1:50:33 3:55:40  
15391 » Baxter, Lee 45-49 1:57:52 4:09:04  
22079 » Cottrell, John David (GBR) 40-44 2:07:30 4:35:56  
29095 » Taylor, Richard (GBR) 40-44 2:15:52 5:06:02  


Southampton Marathon and Half Marathon (23rd April)

Thanks go to Glenn Batt for submitting this race report: "A good Harrier turnout for this race with most of us travelling to the event by train. A very well organised and enjoyable run with good numbers in all 3 races as there was also a 10K. The crowds also turned out in good numbers to support the runners despite another marathon on live TV. Eight Harrier "men" completed the Marathon and two the Half. Graham 'Malty' Malt went one better and covered 30 plus miles. Apparently he completely missed the coned filter lane and the marshals directing marathon runners left and 10K runners right on the second of the two laps. In all fairness he did mange the correct route on the first lap. It is a myth that Malty was overtaken by the marathon lead car and lead runner before realising the error of his ways. There is also no truth in the rumour that he popped into one of the popular, open on Sunday morning establishments, to take bread and wine! To Malty's credit he made his way back to where he had gone awry in order to complete the full marathon route plus his extra miles. I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Malty for gifting me my first, and no doubt my last, 1st Harrier home placing!"


Marathon Chip Times:
Glenn (Richard) Batt 3:30:10 PB
Nick Marshall 3:46:22
Steve Amey 3:46:48 PB
Greg Bemment 3:50:03
Greg Hawkins 3:54:24
Mike Neal 4:11:37
Graham 'Malty Ultra Man' Malt 4:12:42
James Davies 5:44:22 PB
Half Marathon-Chip Times:
Andrew Rumsey 1:38:09
Guy Burdett 2:09:22


North Dorset Village Marathon (30th April) - 236 finishers

Position Name Time  
13 Graham Malt 3:12:54 PB
21 Stephen Williams 3:18:28  
73 Steve Elson 3:44:13 PB
225 Simon Trueick 5:38:43  


Upcoming races:

  • Lymington 10k (CC) - 14th May
  • Poole 10k - 4th June
  • Puddletown Plod (CC & DRRL) - 11th June
  • Purbeck 10k (CC & DRRL) - 23rd June

As always, if I have missed you from the results (or made any errors!), or you have done any other races or PBs not reported on please let me know. Also feel free to submit any race reports to be published in next months report.

Race hard guys!


(Littledown Harriers - Men's Captain)

 E-mail me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Littledown Harriers Club nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 7pm at the Littledown Centre.

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