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Monday, 06 March 2017 20:31

Ladies February 2017 Race Report

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2 DRRL and Club Champ races with amazing turnouts at both and fantastic runs by everyone.  Both these races were very challenging but Littledown Ladies took them both by storm and scored a double whammy of 1st place ladies teams for the DRRL!  Wow! what a way to go!  Well done to everyone, you are all part of such an amazing achievement.


BLACKMORE VALE HALF MARATHON                      

Joanna Tomsett                                    1.37.08

Carolione Horder                                 1.38.55        1st F55

Heather Khoshnevis                            1.38.55        2nd F55

Hannah Collier                                    1.43.35

Kathy Fooks                                         1.44.52

Tracy Ashley                                        1.53.40

Sam Pain                                              1.53.49

Mo Eccleston                                       1.58,15

Jackie Jenkins                                      1.58.21

Julie Bassett                                        2.03.47

Jenny Beckett                                       2.03.47

Amanda Shepheard                              2.04.19

Maxine Bennett                                    2.10.53

Gemma Skinner                                     2.14.55

Vicky Brown                                          2.23.28


LYTCHETT 10   -  This has to be some kind of Club Ladies entry!!!  30 !  And...I may have even missed a few off due to non prescription reading glasses from primark....or you just got missed off the results as there were discrepancies apparently!!  So sorry if you do not appear but this can be changed if you let us know!

Joanna Tomsett                                     1.10.35      2nd Female overall ...Well done Jo

Helen Gilbert                                        1.13.43

Hannah Collier                                      1.14.04

Heather Khoshnevis                              1.15.46

Serena Fooks                                         1.17.52

Kristina Varley                                       1.19.45

Tracey Lander                                        1.22.48

Mo Eccleston                                         1.24.13    10 mins PB !  excellent...well done Mo

Julie Bassett                                          1.24.41

Karen Shawcross                                    1.24.45

Karen Thomson                                      1.25.18

Tracy Ashley                                           1.25.58

Nicola Whittaker                                    1.27.35

Jackie Jenkins                                         1.27.47

Sonja Collins                                           1.30.11

Amanda Shepheard                                1.30.22

Becky Hawkins                                       1.32.44

Gemma Skinner                                      1.32.58

Chantal Flagg                                         1.33.10

Sam Jenkins                                            1.33.53

Trisha Reilly                                            1.35.28

Anne Whittaker                                       1.39.00

Josie Harris                                             1.39.43

Emma Rawson                                        1.43.58

Rebecca Sinkinson                                  1.45.18

Vicky Brown                                            1.45.25

Alexandra Stevens                                  1.45.48

Mary Cusens                                           1.48.08

Angie Bond                                             1.54.13        First ever 10 miles!  Brilliant! very well done Angie

Melanie Roberts                                     2.02.03

..........Phew......I'm more worn out now than running these races!!



A few of us took off for a few sunny days and of course ran a marathon!  We all had great fun,  plenty of beers, and cheers, especially on marathon day!  A great event, and a fast course with approximately 15,000 runners and many many more spectators....

Caroline Horder                                    3.21.52   marathon PB and 1st F65

Heather Khoshnevis                             3.24.57    1st F55

Sam Pain                                               4.07

Susie Elliott                                           4.34.19



A very undulating testing course...especially a week after the last one!!

Caroline Horder                                  3.48.18       1st F65

Heather Khoshnevis                           3.52.21       1st F55

Sally Deamer                                      4.20.42     Well done on your first race with Littledown Harriers  


BOURNEMOUTH 10 - 26th Feb

Well at first I thought I was missing something! ( no comments please!)  was it a League Race....was it a Club Champ was just very very popular with our lovely ladies!....23 of you....also part of  a 10 mile series of 3 races....well done to you all...and to being the 1ST LADIES TEAM.....EXCELLENT

Helen Gilbert                                      1.12.59

Kristina Varley                                    1.19.33

Karen Thomson                                  1.22.30

Mo Eccleston                                      1.22.40

Julie Bassett                                       1.26.06

Jenny Beckett                                     1.26.33

Sonja Collins                                      1.28.40

Nicola Whittaker                                1.29.53

Jackie Jenkins                                    1.30.23     1st F70

Chantal Flagg                                    1.30.27

Gemma Skinner                                 1.31.52

Trisha Reilly                                       1.32.10

Sam Jenkins                                       1.34.01

Maxine Bennett                                 1.36.12

Josie Harris                                        1.37.17

Elena Micheletto                               1.40.15

Rebecca Sinkinson                            1.41.28

Emma Rawson                                  1.42.08

Alexandra Stevens                            1.43.54

Mary Cusens                                     1.47.00

Mel Roberts                                      1.50.18

Vicky Brown                                      1.52.07

Angie Bond                                       1.53.09


Well that was a lot of legs running this month!!    As i'm a bit late writing this epic report, the Wimborne 20 took place yesterday which was a Club Champ race which will be reported on later.....There are no DRRL or Club races for the rest of this  month so this means you can train train train ready for April 15th which is the Rotary Quarter , which is the next club race and then on 30th April there is the North Dorset Village Marathon which is the next DRRL race......I will be at I will look foward to seeing lots of you there too   Have a wonderful March x


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