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Saturday, 08 October 2016 20:22

Ladies September 2016 Race Report

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This is gonna be an long better get on with it...!



491    Nanuki Devi-Key          1.50.09      (1507 finishers)

Well done Devi on a great time and finishing in the top 1/3rd and thank you for letting me know you ran this great race. 


THE BEAST -  Everyone's favourite....except mine!!

90        Kathy Fooks                            1.56.04       1st F55   

108      Joanna Tomsett                     1.59.45

124      Tracey Lander                        2.02.46

132      Hannah Collier                      2.04.32

157      Julie White                            2.09.13

188      Krystina Varley                      2.15.12

192      Tracey Ashley                        2.15.39

193      Becky Froggatt                      2.15.46

258      Sam Pain                                2.31.00

268      Amanda Shepheard             2.32.34

291      Kay Morris                             2.41.07

306      Julie Bassett                          2.45.41

310      Jenny Beckett                        2.48.29

313     Gemma Skinner                      2.50.34     (524 finishers)





396     Wendy Tobin                          1.01.12      (983 finishers)



188     Helen Gilbert                          1.39.25

598     Sam Pain                                 1.54.57

629     Mo Eccleston                          1.56.26

630     Jackie Jenkins                         1.56.26    (1st F70)

722     Linda Burns                             1.59.28   (1st F60)

           Maxine Bennett                      2.07.22

1286   Dily Ruffer                               2.23.08

1334   Mary Cusens                           2.25.33

1441   Karen Burghart                       2.36.06

1498   Michelle Elson                        2.45.02     (1566 finishers)



84      Caroline Horder                       3.36.49     (1st F60)

115    Heather Khoshnevis                3.44.18    (1st F50)

212    Serena Fooks                            3.58.56

317    Kathy Fooks                              4.21.37

328    Naomi Bennett                         4.22.43  (I don't usually include 2nd claim members but Naomi did used to be a full timer and she completed her 100th marathon at this event, so massive congratulations to Naomi) 

WOW!  4 Lady Harriers with Age Catagory wins and each of us will receive free entry into next year's event!  Great prize!



A beautiful but tough circular half marathon in the beautiful Somerset / Dorset countryside, open to runners, walkers, horse riders and canicross entrants. Dogs most definately welcome. There is also cake, mountains of cake. There is a free lunch at the half way point, beautiful finishers medals, dog treats and bandanas for the dogs!   This sounds like a great day out!!

Jo   Tomsett                2.01.35

Caroline Horder            2.11.48


KENT COYOTE MARATHON - 21 laps of a  Cyclopark - reverse route of the popular Kent Roadrunner.

23     Heather Khoshnevis       3.36.03    (1st Lady)          (281 finishers)



The Purbeck Marathon takes place in Swanage, Purbeck and the Jurassic Coast which has spectacular history, landscapes and views. The course with around 3000 feet of climbs provides a predominately off-road Marathon that is both challenging and rewarding.

Tracy Lander was our only lady there this year but i'm sure many more of you will be there next year as i know you all like a challenge!!

46th      Tracey Lander             4.27.55



This was a DRRL and Club Champ race....17 ladies in attendance and if my calculations are correct...we were 3rd team for the DRRl which is pretty amazing considering the force of the teams we have to battle against!!  Well done to all of us for supporting our club 

79     Joanna Tomsett                                35.02

81     Helen Gilbert                                    35.15

121   Heather Khoshnevis                         37.25

134   Kathy Fooks                                      38.17

147   Krystina Varley                                 39.06

153   Nanuka Devi-key                              39.30

176   Julie Bassett                                     40.58

184   Amy Rolfe                                         42.02

208   Chantel Flagg                                   43.43

209   Gemma Skinner                                43.44

211   Sam Jenkins                                      43.48

216   Jacqueline Jenkins                            44.11

242   Dily Ruffer                                         47.37

245   Rebecca Sinkinson                            47.54

251   Anne Whittaker                                 48.57

257   Alexandra Stevens                             50.15

293   Lynn Mitcham                                    58.40        (314 finishers)


I did say that September was a busy month!!  Well done to everyone for some great achievements and lots of fun on the run....time for new beginnings in October now which brings us to the next DRRL and Club Championship race on the 9th which is the Gold Hill 10k in Shaftestbury.  Entries will be available on the day if it is not already full!  Then there is The Stickler on the 30th which is our Club Championship Race and there are still entries available on-line.  


...See you at the October races ladies 


Capt. Hev  

Littledown Harriers Club nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 7pm at the Littledown Centre.
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