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Wednesday, 04 May 2016 17:46

Ladies April 2016 Race Report

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A "Spring Awakening"!!   lots of lovely races to report let's get started!!!....
BATH BEAT -  3rd April
The Bath Beat takes the walker or runner out into the coutryside through the woods, hills and river valleys of this southerly edge of The Cotswolds. There are four distances of 12.5, 17, 21 and the popular 26.5 miles, all pass several check points where there are always plenty of home made cakes and sandwiches to keep you going. On the 21 and 26 mile routes there is hot food food and drinks provided in a hall half way around.
JULIE WHITE and KAY MORRIS took part in this one but I have not been able to locate any results, but sometimes, time is just not important, it's the enjoyment and achievement of making it to the finish line, both of which did! Well done :-)
192        Heather Khoshnevis                       1.42.11         1st F55
253        Carmel Ryan                                 1.44.45
343        Karen Thomson                             1.49.56
344        Nanuka Devi-key                           149.56
483        Tracy Ashley                                 1.55.10
487        Samantha Pain                              1.55.17
521        Mo Eccleston                                 1.56.48
522        Jackie Jenkins                                1.56.48
530       Amanda Shepheard                         1.57.01
554       Ally Case                                        1.58.25
565       Fiona Lucas                                    1.58.51
651       Susie Elliott                                    2.04.10
666       Sarah Heath                                   2.05.05
712       Maxine Bennett                              2.07.33     (982 finishers)
180      Hannah Ridout                                 51.06
306      Julie Bassett                                     55.04
361      Rebecca Sinkinson                            56.10
650      Alexandra Stevens                          1.01.54
651      Mary Cusens                                   1.01.55
778      Carol Pearce                                    1.04.55
806      Victoria Brown                                 1.05.48
838      Michelle Elson                                  107.10        (1033 finishers)
12828  Josie Harris                                        5Hr 22   Well done on your 1st marathon experience!
6623    Chantal Flagg                                    4.33.14
8630    Melanie Roberts                                5.20.04
Joanna Tomsett                                           3Hr 32
Jenny Beckett                                              3Hr 56
Krystina Varley                                            4Hr 18   1st Marathon!  Brilliant!
5654         Caroline Horder                          3.25.55    2nd F65  Fantastic achievement!
8335         Heather Khoshnevis                    3.39.01
8791         Julie White                                 3.41.09
11535       Carmel Ryan                               3.51.42
13998       Sarah Siviter                               3.59.09
14082       Tracy Ashley                               3.59.22
14198       Naomi Bennett                            3.59.37
16009       Jackie Jenkins                             4.06.58     4th F70  WOW
16942    Kay Morris                                     4.10.48
36149    Patricia Coombes                            5.59.37
37653       Helen Tabeshfar                          6.26.19
Well that certainly was a marathon of a month!!  Some excellent turnouts and times by everyone.  May is now here, along with some lovely sunshine, so time to get those summer shorts and shades on and take to the streets!!  This weekend, 8th May is Lymington 10k a Club Champ race, last chance to enter is the 6th May. No entries on the day, so get in there!!  The next League and Club Champ race after that is Poole 10k,  2016 CC and RRl races so you may as well enter that at the same time as Lymington then you know you are in!!  Have a lovely May everyone...see you at the races...:-)
...And finally, if you run in a race and have entered as or are a member of Littledown Harriers please make sure you wear your Harrier orange vest.
Capt. Hev


Littledown Harriers Club nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 7pm at the Littledown Centre.

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