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Ladies November Race Report

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GILLY HILLY 1st November

This was a DRRL and Club Champ race and seeings as it is quite a little journey foe 7.5 miles of hills, a good few ladies went and did themselves very proud with good times and a 3rd place team win! Well done to all of you.
59    Hannah Collier               54.27
69    Helen Gilbert                 56.03
70    Samantha Halstead        56.06
110  Jenny Beckett                1.01.14
135  Tracy Sherwood            1.04.32
164  Maxine Bennett             1.08.32             (221 finishers)
LORDSHILL 10 MILES 1st November
325   Kristina Varley              1.19..01            (520 Finishers)
On a very wet, muddy windy day, this race took place along the Thames from Kingston to Putney Bridge and back.  There is also the option of a half marathon as well and these races take place 3 times during the year, March, August and November.  You can also enter the "Triple Crown" and set yourself the challenge of running all 3 and receiving the "special award" at the end of the year.  I completed all 3 this year, as did Nick Marshall.  
156      Heather Khoshnevis        4.06.38     1st W55
223      Naomi Bennett               4.28.30                   (337 finishers)
The Cornish Marathon is Cornwall's only all road marathon. The scenic circular out and back route which takes runners along the Draynes Valley, through the 'Poldark' country of Bodmin Moor, past King Arthur's legendary Dozmary Pool, Du Maurier's Jamaica Inn at Bolventor and back along the Fowey Valley, taking in a climb to Foredown between miles 24 and 25, which most runners will remember for a long time, and not just for the fabulous views !  The whole route has many challenging hills, but it was very well supported and feed stations every 3 miles with  many supporters offering goodies along the route.  A great excuse for a weekend away!  LIttledown Harriers ladies came away with 3 trophies....thus spreading out "orange glow" one more time!!  We all had great runs on a tough but thoroughly enjoyable race....we even got rewarded with a hoody...a medal....a goody bag with chocolate and crisps....and then a free cornish pasty with endless tea!!  Phew!!
95       Caroline Horder                  3.42.26        1st F60
140     Heather Khoshnevis             3.57.41        2nd F55
157     Julie White                          4.01.05        3rd F55
213     Serena Fooks                      4.19.55
245     Naomi Bennett                    4.28.33
266     Kay Morris                          4.34.35                           (351 finishers)
WIMBORNE 10 15th November
This ever popular race needs no other explanation except for cake cake cakes!!
162       Carmel Ryan               1.19.17
164       Kristina Varley            1.19.22
281       Maxine Bennett          1.29.07
351       Sarah Heath               1.35.59
376       Sarah Mcmillan           1.39.44                (445 finishers)
BOSCOMBE 10K 22nd November
The list of ladies attending this race is the longest I have ever had to do! Amazing turnout for the final DRRL and Club Champ race....and so many new members!!  You all ran extremely well and did yourselves and Littledown Harriers very proud!  This is avery popular race hosted  by the Bournemouth Joggers who always do an amazing job.  It was also great to see many Harriers out there marshalling in their usual friendly way!
107        Hannah Collier                          43.44
111        Helen Gilbert                            43.59
133        Samantha Halstead                   45.01
155        Heather Khoshnevis                  45.50       1st F55
205        Carmel Ryan                             47.46
225        Jenny Beckett                            48.26
255        Nanuks Devi-key                       49.27
286        Alison Case                              51.06
308        Chantel Flagg                           52.07
309        Trisha Reilly                             52.09    Welcome back after your fall Trisha
310        Maxine Bennett                        52.10
352        Sarah Ngugi                            54.00
372        Nicola Whittaker                      54.57    PB - Well done
376        Sarah Heath                             55.06
444        Dily Ruffer                                57.35
460        Alexandra Stevens                    58.02
486        Josie Harris                            1.00.16
507        Helen Tabeshfar                     1.01.37
511        Mary Cusens                          1.01.38
525        Michelle Elson                        1.03.48
534        Vicky Brown                            1.04.38                       (568 finishers)
With over 800 metres of elevation gain run on country lanes, trails and grass, this is a challenging marathon, but rewards you with fabulous views over the beautiful Meon Valley, and across Hampshire to the Isle of Wight.
67    Joanna Thomsett                4.56
117  Naomi Bennett                    6.05
118  Tracey Lander                     6.05
A very nice challenging hilly road race on lovely small quiet country lanes, sweeping down into pretty little villages.  Well organised with hot soup and hot showers to greet you at the end!!
57       Caroline Horder                 1.38.19    1st SuperVet!  she certainly is!!
86       Heather Khoshnnevis          1.44.03
215     Maxine Bennett                   2.04.06                   (309 finishers)

Well it's now the festive month and all the League and Club Champ races (apart from a possible marathon or parkrun) are over so you can all let your hair down and have some some on the run...or town!!!  Well done ladies...we maintained our position in the League, it was oh so close with Lytchett, one point in it....but the Orange Team prevailled !  Well done!  I wonder if we can make it to 3rd position next year!!! :-) No Pressure!!!!
1st January will see the 1st DRRL  and Club Champ race for 2016 (oh, so soon) but more importantly...if you simply cannot drag yourself out for the actual race (you will be forgiven by your Captain!) Please do come along after to the bar at the Broadstone Leisure centre at 12 as it will be the Award Ceremony for the 2015 league and Littledown do have quite a contingent of runners collecting awards in their age catagories, namely ... David Wilson 50-54, Mark Goodwin 40-44, Luke Dowsett  U21, Helen Gilbert  40-44, Heather Khoshnevis 55-59 and also Helen Gilbert and Rob Jones will be collecting awards for top runners for the club.  We have never had this many so I think a big "Orange Cheer" is definitely deserved!
Well done everyone for supporting the club in 2015 and having some great fun racing or training.  Enjoy the rest of the year and see you all soon :-)
Just space to say Click Here for 2016 CC races. 
Capt. Hev


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