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Sunday, 09 August 2015 17:23

Ladies July 2015 Race Report

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This was the first time that Bridge Triathlon put on this event.  It was not a scenic route by any means, apart from the beautiful red sky at about 10.30pm!  The great fun and organisation of the race more than made up for any scenery that I would not have noticed anyway!!  It was definitely different starting a marathon at 8pm in the evening as it is difficult knowing how you should behave during the day!!  This was a race with many laps, first of all a shorter lap, followed by 8 longer laps on a very well lit up route with closed roads!  I particularly enjoyed this as I saw many other runners coming and going in directions of the route, lapping slower runners and  being lapped by the top boys....It was very friendly and low key with only 150 entrants, all of which felt like new friends on the evening.  A great Tech T Shirt and medal.  I shall certainly like to return next year!
31st   Heather Khoshnevis       3.41.24      2nd Female
PORTLAND 10 - 5th July
In 1980 three bored sailors stationed at the Royal Naval Air Station came up with the idea of a 10 mile race on Portland, the cost was 40 pence to enter! Today the race has developed into a testing 10 mile route that will see you run a lap and a half around the top of the island, from one end of the island, Portland Heights Hotel (385 ft), to the other, Portland Bill (30 ft). The route is undulating, on tarmac roads and pavements and goes through built up areas as well as following long stretches of coastal roads.
This was a DRRL Race and unfortunately we only had one lady in attendance.  It is quite a way to travel for a 10 mile  race, so well done Max for going and running very well :-)
172nd   Maxine Bennett      1.34.16
NEW FOREST 10 MILES - 12th July
Always a very popular race which starts in Brockenhurst and takes you on an undulating route through the new forest 50/50 on tarmac and trails.  Very well attended by Littledown Harriers (which did not go unnoticed by the organisers!)  This was one of our Club Champ races.  Fortunately it was not as hot as in previous years so I think most of you were very happy with your times.
Two new trail races in the heart of Dorset : The Dorset Invader Marathon and Half.
The marathon is an out and back course hilly 95% trail and hilly. The half is a big loop, there will be a aid stations on the way round and the Lovestation will return.
95th      Naomi Bennett                   4.49
148th    Julie White                         5.27
164th    Maxine Bennett                 2.33
212th    Becky Hawkins                   2.53
Well done everyone for a great month of races, and as i am sat here writing this, Stur Half (which was a Dorset League race and one of our club champ races) already took place yesterday which kicks of August in style....more to come from that one at the end of the month!
Dates to plan ahead now is the 6th Sept, the ever popular "BEAST" true to it's name!! This is our next club race.  I have just noticed that entries closed on 1st August and there are no entries on the day!  So I hope those that wanted to do it have planned ahead!!
The next DRRL is our very own Littledown 5.  The club rule is that our members are discouraged from entering this as we do need as many marshalls to help out on the day, so if you are available, please make yourself known to one of the coaches on training nights and they will point you in the right direction.  We will however, be hoping to have a ladies and mens team so we can get some "brownie" points in the league.  I have no confirmation or details of this at the moment.
Have a lovely sunshining August.....and see you at the races!
Capt. Hev
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