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Saturday, 02 May 2015 15:03

Ladies April 2015 Race Report

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Well, judging by the reports's hardly a "shower" of's a massive "downpour" and the results are absolutely "drenching" !! .......but before we put up our brollies...we must return to March to mention a couple of fantastic unreported races.....
RHAYADER 20 - 8th March
The 20 mile Race is a demanding race which runs through the picturesque countryside of the Elan Valley, over one of the most scenic courses in the British Isles. The race starts in Dark Lane near the Leisure Centre in Rhayader and will take you out around the lovely Elan Valley Reservoirs and finishes in The Smithfield in Rhayader. Poole Runners and Lytchett have attended this race for many years and this year Jenny Beckett went with them and thoroughly enjoyed it as a weekend away!!  So maybe this is something we could think about for next year?
200th  Jenny Beckett       3.01.14       (364 finishers)
943     Hannah Collier      1.34.24
YEOVIL HALF - 29 March
345th    Krystina Byrnes (Varley)      1.48.41       (1067 finishers)
...and now to April.....
Yes....we do have "Adventurers" amongst us that like to spread the "orange glow" further afield now and then (well every year in the case of the under-mentioned persons!!  Brilliant achievement was had by all three
Tracey Lander    5.15
Kathy Fooks       5.42
Naomi Bennett  5.51
Excellent turnout for Easter Saturday by us ladies...probably anticipating the Chocolate egg intake!! 
107th       Helen Gilbert                     46.50
147th       Heather Khoshnevis           49.06
150th       Mandi Wales                     49.14
155th       Carmel Ryan                      49.49
181st        Jenny Beckett                    51.18
209th       Krystina Varley                   53.29
236th       Trisha Reilly                       55.24
369th       Lynn Mitcham                  1.14.28        (376 finishers)
CONNEMARA HALF MARATHON (other distances available as below)....
The event comprises of half, full and ultra (39.3 mile) marathons. Participants will enjoy some of Ireland’s most beautiful scenery as they meander through bogs, hills, lakes, and the twelve pins mountain range, rising up over the great expanse of Killary Lough, through the sleepy village of Leenane, around the Maam Turk Mountains and all the way up to Maam Cross.
MAXINE BENNETT conquered this one in style!  This sounds like a great "weekend away" race for us, although it does appear to fall on a very busy race day!!
664th      Maxine Bennett        2.05.22......  10th F50 out of 51 - very impressive Max :-)        1209 finishers
Caroline Horder     3.29.45 - 2nd F55 - I can't believe she let a Kenyan lady beat her!!!  Wow! what an achievement!
Sarah Ngugi    4.48.22   (18 mins PB! Fantastic!)
Helen Gallimore           5.26.53
Ally Case                       4.26
The results for this are not the easiest as it does not state which club and when you "Advance" the search...apparently I am the only Littledown Harrier!!  So I have gone through as many as I can find and recognise, with the help of our Club Champ Master, Phil Sparks, and this is what I have come up with, so I am so so sorry if you have been missed off but if you would like to email me, then I can get you "added on"...This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Also, the Bay Run Route for all distances was changed this year, although I personally thought it was a nice change, it was rather more challenging, so those who did it for the first time and were pleased with your result...if they revert back to the old route next are in for a great PB!! Bay run we go... 
145th           Hannah Collier                      1.38.51
189th           Helen Gilbert                        1.39.53      (3rd F40)
234th           Kate Jone                             1.44.13
293rd           Sally Newman                      1.45.48
300th           Heather Khoshnevis              1.45.59    (2nd F50)
308th           Becky Froggatt                     1.46.43
369th           Carmel Ryan                        1.49.16
372nd          Cara Roscoe                        1.49.43
544th           Sarah Hole                          1.54.13
    -              Samantha Pain                     1.55         (Sam forgot to wear her chip!!)
571st            Trisha Reilly                        1.57.42   (3rd F55)
893rd           Sarah Heath                        2.11.30
1033rd         Becky Hawkins                     2.23.18
1035th         Rosalind Fancy (Reli)             2.24.39     (1st F75)  :-)
1090th         Helen Tabeshfar                   2.33.24                                     (1169 finishers)
Usually a very popular alternative to London Marathon and tends to fall on the same date, as it did this year.  We only had 1 lady featuring in this event this well done to.... 
481st  Amanda Shepheard         4.37.39
.....And now to finally finish of this epic month and report...we have the London Marathon which was reported to have been the biggest ever this year, and judging by the noise from the supporting crowds and congestion for the first few miles, it certainly did feel like it!   Weather conditions were perfect and although there are many more, far more beautiful marathons than London, it is an experience a marathon runner should atleast do once in their running career!  The atmosphere is pure electric!  We had 10 Littledown ladies running and as you will see from the times, everybody seemed to do extremely well!  A very special WELL DONE to BECKY HAWKINS, who, as most of us know, was entered by Gregg, and got herself a place and from that moment on she has worked so hard and Becky went over that finish line.  A very proud moment for her.  I understand she now wants a PB!!  Watch out Greg...Becky is catching you up!!  
6011st            Samantha Halstead                           3.29.05
6547th           Julie White                                        3.31.49   PB
6911st            Heather Khoshnevis                          3.33.48
7324th           Tracey Lander                                   3.35.59
8379th           Louise Harper                                   3.41.06
8659th           Michelle Carpenter                            3.42.11
13959             Naomi Bennett                                 3.59.53
23389             Maxine Bennett                                4.36.21
25725             Lin Edwards                                     4.46.09
32306             Becky Hawkins                                  5.24.20     1st Marathon PB! :-)      (38,000 finishers)
and finally the...Southbourne Fast and Flat 26th April  
4 ladies took advantage of this popular local race along the promenade
Pos.        Name               Time
164    Carmel Ryan         46:12    The day before Carmel finished1st female in the B'mth parkrun event!
192    Julie Bassett         47:52
269    Sarah McMillan     53:53
323    Helen Tabeshfar    58:46
Well, that was a long month!!  May has just started and it is the North Dorset Village Marathon on the 3rd May which is a DRRL race, and I know we do have a few ladies running so look forward to seeing you there..  The next  Club Championship race is the Lymington 10k on the 10th May.  The last date for online  entries  is the 8th May and there are no entries on the plan ahead if you wish to do this one!
Well, thats all for now....enjoy another month of running and catch you here again soon!
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