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Wednesday, 04 March 2015 18:52

Ladies February 2015 Race Report

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Another month gone and this is what we have to show for it!!


This was a Dorset League Race and we did very well to come in 3rd team :-)  It was an extremely cold day but we still have a great turnout of ladies with some great race times...

108th       Hannah Collier           1.37.07

160th       Sam Halstead             1.43.06

169th       Kathy Fooks               1.43.56

176th       Heather Khoshnevis   1.44.23

188th       Jenny Beckett             1.46.01

222nd      Carmel Ryan               1.49.03

253rd       Trisha Reilly                1.53.02

272nd      Julie Bassett                1.55.00

360th       Sarah Ngugi                 2.08.02             (424 finishers)


Naomi Bennett and Joanna Tomsett took part in this event but I cannot locate results.  I do know that Joanna came in 1st lady :-) Very well done to both of you for completing what I understand to be a very tough event!


This is always a popular race.....cakes!!  I do not need to say much more!!  This was also a Dorset League Race, and once again our ladies came in a very respectable 3rd place :-)......and a great turnout!

117th       Hannah Collier              1.12.00

137th       Helen Gilbert                 1.14.26

145th       Sam Halstead                1.15.10

181st       Becky Froggatt               1.18.01

186th       Heather Khoshnevis       1.18.28

198th      Cara Roscoe                    1.19.15

214th      Jenny Beckett                  1.20.38

223rd      Tracy Sherwood               1.21.11

264th      Trisha Reilly                     1.24.32

372nd     Sarah Ngugi                      1.40.48                 (423 finishers)


This was as described in its name!!  Mostly because the weather was freezing cold and then we got caught in a downpour of hailstones sweeping at us from all directions!!  Apart from is a 3 lapped undulating trail route in the New Forest.  There was a choice to do the marathon or the half.


59th           Caroline Horder              3.50.09   3rd lady and 1st Supervet

61st            Julie White                     3.51.41                        2nd Supervet

75th            Heather Khoshnevis       4.01.26                        3rd Supervet

96th            Naomi Bennett               4.14.25

117th          Serena Fooks                  4.25.53                                            (176 finishers)

Yes, we really were "Supervet" prize winners!  Ladies over 45 !  What a marvellous name!!


106th          Tracy  Sherwood            1.56.10

231st           Sarah Ngugi                   2.24.33                (272 finishers)

That's February for you!!   We are now into March and this weekend we have the Salisbury 10 miles which is our next Club Championship race so I expect there will be a few of us there!  The next DRRL and Club race is the Rotary Quarter Marathon on Easter Saturday 4tth April, so if you are busy hunting eggs on the Sunday, then at least you can make up for it on Saturday instead.  There will be entries on the day for this one, but no reason why you shouldn’t enter in advance! Less to think about on the day!!

Well done everybody, Happy Healthy running to you all.  See you soon :-)

Capt. Hev  Assisted by Vice Caroline :-)

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