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Saturday, 06 December 2014 15:41

Mens November 2014 Race Report from Steve 'Captain' Williams

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A big Harrier welcome to your new role as Men's Captain Steve. I will set you up with your own email and photo very soon in the meantime here is your inaugural comprehensive race report - Barry


Well... here goes my first monthly report as the Harriers men's team captain...

So, firstly I want to say I am proud to be the men's team captain, and I hope to see lots of Harrier men (and women!) pushing hard at Club Championship Details and Dorset Road Race League  Details races throughout 2015!!

The Wimborne 10 was a key race for the club this month, and it was great to see so many Harriers on a drizzly and grey day. It was good running conditions, and our mens team did great finishing 2nd - saving us from relegation - well done guys! This was a great event, and the mass of cakes at the end were a good reward for a hard run (and especially the hill at the end)... I know there were also a few PBs (and hangovers!) on the day... good running guys.

The 2nd of the Winter Series 5k was quite a tough one (or maybe it was just me?!) there was a quite a head wind for half the course, but we still had a good turnout... and some good times on the board...

Boscombe 10k was a pretty abysmal day for the weather... and this made the course slippery in places - but as usual it was very well marshalled (and well done the Harriers who assisted with the marshalling)... it was good to see some new faces, and another good turnout from the Harrier men.


Upcoming races I encourage you to attend are:

3rd Poole Runners 5k Winter Series (from Boscombe pier) - Friday 12th December @7.30pm... this is a good blast on a quick course and has good PB potential (depending on the wind strength on the seafront!)Full details

Broadstone Quarter Marathon (30th anniversary event) - starts at 10:30am... on New Years Day! This is the first DRRL race of 2015... and there will be entries on the day at £10 for club runners Race details

If I have made any errors or omissions in the results please let me know. Also let me know before month end if you run an event that’s not in the Club Championship CC or DRRL so it can be included in the monthly report.

This month’s results are:


Athens Marathon (9th Nov) - 10515 finishers:

294th               Paolo De Luca             3.13.59

3973rd             Phil Sparkes                4.19.09

6162nd            Ade Holloway               4.46.49


Wimborne 10 (16th Nov) - 465 finishers:

11th     Adrian Bonner             0:59:30

25th     Gary Worsley               1:02:38

26th     Paolo DeLuca             1:02:44

29th     Mark Packer                1:03:10

41st     David Wilson               1:05:15

71st     Jim Cowdroy               1:07:21

72nd    Luke Dowsett              1:07:28

79th     Adam Basham            1:08:05

87th     Steve Williams            1:08:57

116th   Steve Elson                 1:12:02

119th   Kevin Brown                1:12:33

133rd   Roger Brankin            1:13:32

138th   Phil Sparkes               1:13:42

156th   Steve Imm                   1:14:30

181st   Greg Bemment           1:17:40

194th   Mike Collins                1:18:23

195th   Steve Hutton               1:18:23

214th   Guy Burdett                 1:19:58

245th   Glen Batt                     1:22:36

266th   Mike Terry                   1:24:28

270th   Andrew Hoy                1:24:36

321st   Barry Telling                1:28:56

351st   David Wilkinson          1:32:32 (started the race late!)

395th   Michael Chant             1:37:41

406th   Chris Archibold           1:40:31


Full Results



Poole Runners 5k Winter Series (21st Nov) - 171 finishers:


24th     David Wilson               0:19:01


27th     Luke Dowsett              0:19:12


29th     Aaron Cogdell             0:19:13


43th     Stephen Williams        0:19:50


60th     Steve Elson                 0:21:01


65th     Mike White                  0:21:15


78th     Ant Robins                  0:21:54


80th     Nick Marshall              0:22:04


83th     Kevin Cusens              0:22:12


91th     Roy Tubman                0:22:36



Boscombe 10k  (23rd Nov) - 530 finishers:


14th     AlexanderBetteridge    00:37:38


31st     Andy Mercer               00:39:19


45th     Mark Goodwin           00:40:14


52nd    Luke Dowsett             00:40:33


62nd    Steve Williams           00:41:16


78th     Steve Elson                00:42:44


89th     David Wilkinson         00:43:09


121st   Mike (JR) White         00:44:39


155th   Richard Daly               00:46:40


167th   Jonathan Woods        00:47:04


192nd  Terry Byrne                 00:47:56


194th   Guy Burdett                 00:48:14


217th   Ian Gregory                 00:49:00


221st   Andrew Hoy                00:49:03


269th   Mike Terry                   00:51:15


272nd  Gavin Gracie              00:51:22


282nd  Barry Telling               00:51:43


433rd   Chris Archibold          00:59:07


470th   Paul Lewry                  01:02:50


Full Results



Downton Half (30th Nov) - 358 finishers:


144th Lee Baxter        01:50:41



Steve - Men's Captain 



2015 CC races 


01.02.15 Blackmore Vale  + Rrl Details

15.02.15 Lytchett 10m + Rrl Details
08.03.15 Salisbury 10m Details
12.04.15 Bournemouth Bay Half Details
18.04.15 Rotary Quarter  + Rrl 


7.Purbeck 10k  + Rrl
8.New Forest10m
9.Stur Half  + Rrl
10.Beast (off road)
11.Hoburne 5m
12.Studland Stampede (off road)
13.Stickler (off road)

14.Hilly Gilly + Rrl

15.Boscombe 10k + Rrl 


Plus any 2015 marathon and any Poole/B'mth parkrun or Boscombe 5K Winter time trial



2015 DRRL races  Details


01.01.15  (Thursday) Broadstone Quarter  Rrl1 +U17  Details


01.02.15 Blackmore Vale Half  Rrl2


15.03.15 Lytchett 10m Rrl3 + DCC


 04.04.15 (Saturday) Rrl4 Easter Rotary 1/4 Marathon


03.05.15 North Dorset Village Marathon Rrl5 + DCC


19.06.15 (Friday) Purbeck 10k Rrl6 + U17


05.07.15 Portland 10m Rrl7


02.08.15 Sturminster Marathon Half Marathon Rrl8 + DCC


13.09.14 Littledown 5m Rrl9 + U17


18.10.15 Weymouth 10m Rrl10


?.11.15 Gilly Hilly Rrl11


22.11.15 Boscombe 10k Rrl2 + DCC + U17






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