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Ladies October 2014 Race Report

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Now in its second year, and just as enjoyable and successful as any other marathon I have taken part in.  Weather was perfect yet again and the support from spectators was just incredible!  The organisation and marshalls were absolutely brilliant, and most of them were there all weekend from 5am in the morning! That's real dedication to making sure what we all love doing goes well, and it certainly did!  I know many local runners felt that the charge for race is excessive to run along our own seafront, which can be done any day of the cannot be done with such an amazing atmosphere as there was on the day, and I can honestly say, that whilst running the route, it felt entirely different from any training run! So if you love marathons and you love your town, then give it a go and support the know the saying....."use it...or lose it"!  Ok...Pep talk over....I will get on with the results....This race has a 10k and 5k on the Saturday and the Half and full marathon on the Sunday.  I have inside information that there were some number swaps and without knowing who swapped with whom, I cannot print your result!  Also, the results do not list which club you are from, so only by recognising names I know, can I show your sorry if I have missed you off....:-(

I cannot see any of you in the we shall start with..


1065th     Karen Shiels         1.09.29        (1322 finishers)


235th    Helen Gilbert            1.36.43   (a massive 6min PB! Well done)

379th    Vicky Bishop             1.41.19   (great to see you back out there Vicky :-) )

435th    Samantha Halstead  1.42.35

604th    Amanda Pateman     1.46.07

2317th  Tina McGowan         2.22         a new member...welcome and well done

2539th  Reli Fancy                 2.35.34       and member and well done       (2771 finishers)


189th    Caroline Horder             3.26.36   1st F60  Well done

452nd   Carmel Ryan                  3.47.08    PB  Well done

464th    Michelle Carpenter       3.48

471st    Heather Khoshnevis      3.48.09

629th    Amanda Shepheard          3.55.28

1440th  Janette Whittley            4.40.04 



This was on the same day as the BMF marathon and is also a favourite amongst our "off road" runners. There is also a half marathon and a relay.  The marathon is from Salisbury to Winchester and is said to be "Tough"...ask the girls below if you wish to know!!

149th     Kathy Fooks            4.09.39     1st F55  Well done

164th     Louise Harper         4.15.37

275th    Naomi Bennett        4.51.36                           (411 finishers)



An easy option away from marathons and the may think!!!  But that Gold Hill is really something else!! …and the rest of the race is just as tough!  I can honestly say it was the hardest 10k I have ever done.  BUT it was most enjoyable and challenging and very well organised by the Gillingham Trotters.  This was a DRRL race but unfortunately with only 2 ladies there, we failed to make a team :-(

107th    Heather Khoshnevis            54.10

189th    Janet Hooper                     1.08.13       (212 finishers)   .......

......but that’s not all.....A very well deserved mention to Paolo De Luca (i did promise just in case the men didn't get an October report). Not only did he get an amazing time of 40.27...he came 7th overall (very close to those BAC boys...the winner only being  3.24 mins ahead in 37.03) he was also 1st male vet and won a lovely large pasta dish which many of you will have seen on Facebook!  We were all dead proud of Paolo for at last winning a prize that was truly just because your a male does not mean you get left out of our wonderful "lady Reports" but you gotta do something amazing to earn your place!!



Join the Studland Stampede, a tough off-road running event that races over heath land and sandy beaches, in the beautiful location of Studland in Dorset.

The 12k route offers stunning views of Old Harry Rocks, Brownsea Island and the Isle of Wight. Runners of all abilities enjoy the race but it does require an amount of determination and grit to get you through the final tough sandy miles.

This was one of our Club Champ races and was on the same day as The Gold Hill 10k, which was a shame, as the stampede is a well loved race by many and distracted the club from another important event such as a DRRL.....but nevertheless, it was a great turnout for the club with some well deserved points earnt.

124th       Carmel Ryan                    1.01.53

129th       Helen Gilbert                    1.02.09

131st       Becky Jay                          1.02.21

182nd      Kathy Fooks                      1.06.11

194th       Trisha Reilly                       1.06.35

220th       Serena Fooks                    1.08.23

233rd       Tracey Lander                   1.08.45

311th       Fiona Lucas                       1.15.48

328th       Maxine Bennett                 1.17.31

392nd      Tamara Warrington            1.23.03

403rd       Sally Browning                   1.25.03                  (446 finishers)



A brand new course (first used 2013) of one lap featuring the much quieter roads on the west of the island

These are the undulating town and rural roads through Cowes, Gurnard, Rew Street, Porchfield, Shalfleet,Yarmouth,  Afton, Willmingham, Thorley, Wellow, Shalfleet, Porchfield, Northwood, Cowes. Marker boards at each mile point. The course is not suitable for wheelchairs.

55th      Julie White         3.51.54       2nd F45

93rd      Naomi Bennett   4.31.14                               (140 finishers)



Featuring multi-terrain courses around Eden, the races follow a challenging route through areas of spectacular mining heritage and beautiful countryside landscapes. The course has changed dramatically since I did this in 2011 and is definitely much harder!  So, those of you that like the rough tough stuff...then you are gonna love this one!!

87th       Heather Khoshnevis        4.18.34     2nd F50

127th     Naomi Bennett                 4.36.57                                (231 finishers)


This race is a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed to test all-round strength, stamina, teamwork and mental grit.  They say...and I quote..."Tough MUdder is probably the toughest event on the plant. Probably!"

I only know of 2 of our very brave ladies who took part in this event, so a very well done on becoming "Tough Mudder Hero's to......Joanna Tomsett and Maxine Bennett.  A great achievement.



10.1 miles of hilly Dorset countryside including the infamous ‘stickle path’, Okeford Beacon, Hod and Hambeldon Hills. This was one of our Club Championship races and we had a few ladies there earning their well deserved points!

183rd     Hannah Collier          1.32.57  (her first club race! Welcome and very well done!)

204th     Kathy Fooks              1.34.28

213rd     Tracey Sherwood     1.35.46

227th     Tracey Lander           1.38.17

237th     Jenny Beckett            1.39.07

257th     Amanda Shepheard  1.40.52

269th     Kristina Byrne             1.42.12        (388 finishers)

Well that was an extremely busy month of races and the November races have already started. I think it is another busy month ahead!!  Wimborne 10 mile race on the 16th November is the very last Dorset Road Race for the year, and also, apart from marathons or 5k's as listed, it’s the last Club Championship race.....but if you have not already entered this you may be disappointed as rumour has it, it's full!  So hope you have a number!!


Well done to everyone this month, and I look forward to seeing many more of you in November. Byeee for now...

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