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Saturday, 02 August 2014 17:37

Ladies July 2014 Race Report

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This was a DRRL and one of our Club Champ races and was very disappointing to see just 2 of us ladies least Janet and myself clocked ourselves some good Club Champ points...but unfortunately we didn’t make up for a team in the DRRL which has now pushed us down into 5th place and we may go even lower if we cant get a team out!  This would be a great shame as we have a lot of really great runners amongst maybe...Sturminster Half 3rd August will see a few more of us and regain our higher position in the League!

116th    Heather Khoshnevis       1.21.04    2nd F50

204th    Janet Hooper                  1.39.54    3rd F60                 (239 finishers)



A lovely run through the trail paths in the New Forest and a nice excuse to have a picnic after!

194th     Heather Khoshnevis      1.18.02

278th     Kathy Fooks                   1.22.54

309th     Naomi Bennett               1.24.29

781th     Karen Shiels                   2.02.19        (802 finishers)

Just a mention for Karen Shiels.....her storey.....joined our Beginners group and trotted round one minute walk and one minute run and under the great coaching and encouragement of our coaches, Carmel and her team, Karen had just completed her first 10 mile run in a very respectful time and on an extremely hot day!!  Well done Karen. An inspiration to yourself and all others who are just starting and think they can’t!!  YOU CAN! 



This again as our club champ race so good points were had by all 4 attendees!!  This was a pleasant, mainly off road, undulating course, and although a few good miles away, made a lovely change to run somewhere different...running is a good way of sight seeing as well as keeping us fit and healthy!!

52nd     Helen Gilbert                47.21     1st F35   Well done :-)

67th      Becky Jay                     48.44    

70th      Heather Khoshnevis    49.01

106th    Trisha Reilly                 52.41         (180 finishers)



......and again...another Club I spot the same 4 there!!  This course was very similar to that of the Tarrant Valley...and although i am not a lover of "off -road"....they were both very enjoyable and on a hot summers day...absolutely beautiful!!

75th     Helen Gilbert               47.06

88th     Becky Jay                    47.51   1st F35  Well done :-)

109th   Heather Khoshnevis   49.39

124th   Trisha Reilly                51.21  



66th    Trisha Reilly                41.25



Apparently this one is so tough it makes the Giants Head seem next year...who dares wins!!!

39th       Louise Harper          4.51.09       1st F40 Well done :-)

53rd       Julie White               5.00.39

69th       Naomi Bennett         5.15.35



Caroline Horder (our new member...ex B’mth Jogger) completed this with her ex-jogger patriots...this was a 2 day event with more than a marathon each day...I have looked for results and more info on this, but i am unsure which one Caroline did.  Having spoken to her previously about this event, she thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of the running and walking and camping, and although what seemed quite expensive, was well worth every penny for the whole organisation of the weekend.  If you want any details for this one, ask Caroline and she can fill you in!  Well done for completing this Caroline, I’m sure you did marvellously as always!


So that’s all the races that I know of for I said previously, the next DRRL is Sturminster Half (tomorrow as I write this) 3rd August so hope to see many faces (and bodies with legs and feet would be useful) as possible!!  Following this, the next DRRL is of course our own Littledown 5 of which we are expected as good club members to marshal rather than race. However, in previous years the club has permitted us to enter a team, this is under negotiation at present, so I will let possible team members know at a later date if this is the case.  The next Club Championship Race is the Salisbury 21k at the 54321 so if you want points...get entered!! Details and entry form


That’s all for now...hope you enjoyed reading this and hope to have encouraged new and old members to join us at the races!!


Captain Heather x

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