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LDH - Club Championship CC Rules

LDH - Club Championship CC Rules (for 2017) Any changes in rules replace any previous rule


2017 CC - 15 races you need to complete at least 8 races to qualify for an award.


Any 2017 Bournemouth or Poole 5k parkruns will count as a CC race (fastest time will be used)
Fastest time recieves 50CC Points, 
49th recieves 49CC Points etc 


Any Marathon can replace any of the15 listed races - fastest time receives 50 points

Final Marathon points will be awarded and added to the main table in December.

5k Times will be updated regularly. Any parkrun (last race 26.11.17) - Let Phil know if you run a parkrun outside the area

(Please email Phil with your Marathon times and location: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1st, 2nd and 3rd age cat. awards (previously only 1st in age cat.)


If a CC and DRRL race are on same day and all other races are been completed in CC at the year end and the runner ran the DRRL race going omn to  complete the DRRL fidelity it will be deemed they have completed the CC fidelity - although they will not receive any CC points for that race and the race will not count towards their CC race total.


Full rules below - pre 2014

  1. Pre-selected races of varying distances, terrains and start times (including 7 DRRL races). 
        Determined and agreed by Committee/Coaches and Club Championship organiser.

  2. All fully paid up members qualify (agreed and confirmed by Membership Secretary).
        No membership - No points!

  3. Race to be entered as a Littledown Harrier. Club vest to be worn (except for parkruns)

  4. The scoring system in each nominated race is as follows:

    1st (Littledown Harrier) male/female ...50 points
    2nd male/female...49 points. Points descending with finish position.
    All Littledown Harrier’s finishing a Club Championship race will receive points

  1. Age on 31st December (of each Championship year) determines category for entire year

  2. Any official marathon (in Championship calendar year) can replace one of the Club Championship races, proof of time required. It is the runner’s responsibility to notify organiser when a marathon has been completed and to supply details. Failure to do so may mean result does not appear in final table.

  3. To qualify for a final position/award runners will have to complete at least 7*1 Championship races during the year *(8 races in 2014)

  4. Categories for male and female runners *- Under 20, Under 30, 30-34, 35-39, 40- 44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79 *2 (1st and 2nd in each age cat in 2014)

  5. Separate prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed male and female runners

  6. Fidelity award if all Club Championship races completed (Rule 6 applies)

  • 10a If series of races (such as Bocombe 5k Time Trials or parkruns) only 1 race need be completed

  1. Positions/times as on official race organiser’s results

  • 11a. Chip time/position used, if available

  1. All eligible Littledown Harriers will appear in the Championship table

  2. Runners must complete 7 *3 races for the final count. Highest points will score. *3 (8 races to be completed as of 2014)

  3. The top 3 overall winners will not also be eligible for an age category prize 

  4. 2nd claim runners will be included;

         if they have entered as Littledown Harriers and wear a club vest and no other 1st claim club members are running

  5. In the event of a tie - the best time in the last Club Championship race (that the tied runners finished) will be used as decider; if still tied, prize shared

  • 16a. If the ‘last’ Club Championship race is made up or 2 or more races (i.e. Bournemouth 1/2 and 10k or Boscombe 5k Time Trial Series/Park Runs) each will be seen as a separate race. Tied positions can only be decided by these races if the tied runners competed in the same race (in effect a ‘head to head’)

17. If any Championship race is cancelled or deemed not suitable, (for whatever reason) a new race will be substituted, if possible by Club Championship organiser

  • 17a. If it has not been possible to reschedule/substitute a race this will reduce the total number of Championship races, however ordinarily 7 *3 races will still need to be completed

18. All Harrier’s have a responsibility to ensure their details are given correctly when entering races. Club Championship and Race Organisers must be advised of any changes, ideally prior to the event taking place. Failure to do so may result in you not being included in the Championship results for that race. The responsibility is on the individual, not the Club Championship organiser

19. Awards presented in the January following end of Club Championship year, at a special awards night

20. Details of Club Championship races and results will be displayed on website and club notice board where possible after each event


21. As of 2014 the chosen age graded races/results will make up seperate mini league but may also be part of main CC league


Last amended 01.01.17 PDL 


Awards & London Marathon draw rules


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