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Ladies Captain

Ladies Captain

Heather Khoshnevis

Wednesday, 12 July 2017 18:22

Ladies June 2017 Race Report



Another very successful and busy month for us ladies......Well done to eveybody listed (or missed off!! )   .......



This was actually in May but I am so sorry that I missed this off the report...especially as Elena actually emailed me with her fantastic achievement awaited Elena...but here it is...

Elena Hall         1.01   ....  A whopping 9 min PB.....  brilliant...Well done.



Rachel Smith-Harrison                    41.39   An amazing time from one of our new members - Welcome 

Helen Gilbert                                  43.29

Becky Froggatt                                44.59

Jenny Beckett                                  46.42

Mo Eccleston                                  50.02

Hannah Ridout                               51.05

Jackie Jenkins                                 53.01    1st F60-69   Unfortunately they didnt cater for Jackies age group of 75 so she had to

                                                                                         go into the younger catagory and still came 1st!!

Anne Whittaker                             1.00.26

Alexandra Stevens                         1.01.21

Niamh Mcquillan                           1.01.26

Rebecca Sinkinson                        1.02.08

Mary Cusens                                 1.02.54

Louise Perry                                  1.04.09    another great time from a new member - welcome

Rebecca Sheppard                        1.06.04

Angie Bond                                   1.06.05




I think there has been much talk about this amazingly fun race which is my favourite race of all for so many year is the 20th Anniversary, so just to sort out the men from the boys and ladies of course...they are going back to their roots of the original route which is 34 miles....this is so exciting !

Heather Khoshnevis                     5.04      1st F55



This was a Club Champ and Dorset League Race and our ladies scored very very well indeed... not only did we have 4 ladies in the top 8, we were 1st team on the day and 1st team for the league which Im sure will keep us in 1st place overall for the time being (atleast until BAC ladies start attacking again!)

Joanna Tomsett                                1.40.08

Helen Gilbert                                    1.42.15

Hannah Collier                                 1.42.21

Heather Khoshnevis                         1.43.03

Rachel Smith-Harrison                     1.53.50

Danielle Dixon                                  1.54.58

Nanuka Devi-key                               1.55.22

Tracy Ashley                                      1.56.46   .... sporting plenty of war wounds!!

Maxine Bennett                                2.06.55

Karen Shawcross                               2.12.01 



.....and what a great day it was!   Thank you Barry Telling for organising this and to our great club for getting us there.....hopefully we can do something like this again in the future, so if you were not there, you missed a brilliant day...and here are the results....


Rebecca Shepherd                                 37.05


Helen Gilbert                                          46.48      1st F40

Amy Rolph                                               55.31

Sam Jenkins                                            1.02.19

Julie Ann Doyle                                       1.02.27

Heidi Snook                                             1.02.27

Becky Hawkins                                        1.04.11

Belinda Lopez                                          1.06.38

Mary Cusens                                            1.09.49

Angie Bond                                              1.10.13

Vicky Brown                                             1.10.27

Cheryl Osullivan                                      1.10.28

Nikki Marchant Jones                              1.10.30


Heather Khoshnevis                                1.40.28     2nd female

Hannah Collier                                        1.42.47      3rd Female

Tracey Lander                                          1.53.55

Kathy Fooks                                              1.54.29

Jackie Jenkins                                          1.56.21     1st F60

Tracy Ashley                                             1.58.34

Karen Thomson                                        2.07.11

Nanuka Devi-key                                      2.07.11

Kay Morris                                                2.10.17

Susie Elliott                                              2.16.32

Dily Ruffer                                                2.27.27



I am sure many of you took part in this event, but the results are not easy to find so I would be relying on you to email if you want a mention here........  Well done to Sally Deamer who finished in is a very tough course but well rewarded with a very special I am told!!



A massive 27 Littledown ladies (who obviously had nothing better to do on a Friday night!!....haha) took part in this event, which was indeed a Club Champ and DRRL race.  A brilliant turnout with brilliant results.  As far as I have been able to work out, I think we have come 2nd ladies team for the Dorset League, which still leaves us in 1st place overall at the moment.  Stand up and be very proud of yourselves, each and everyone one of you, this is a truly remarkable achievement with such strong competetion from other local running clubs.

Hannah Collier                                    43.31   2nd Snr

Joanna Tomsett                                   44.14

Helen Gilbert                                      44.39  2nd F35

Maria Everett                                      48.44

Karen Thomson                                   48.49

Tracy Ashley                                        49.01

Tracey Lander                                      49.14

Serena Fooks                                       49.25

Jenny Beckett                                      49.47

Omid Mahmoudi                                 50.21

Kathy Fooks                                         50.33

Julie Bassett                                        50.51

Karen Shawcross                                 51.36

Nanuki Devi Key                                  51.35

Amy Rolph                                           51.37

Mo Eccleston                                      52.39

Amanda Pateman                               53.30

Jackie Jenkins                                     54.13             1st F60

Chantal Flagg                                     54.49

Gemma Skinner                                  55.11

Maxine Bennett                                  55.11

Heidi Snook                                         57.06

Becky Hawkins                                    59.05

Belinda Lopez                                     1.01.00

Anne Whittaker                                  1.01.23

Alexandra Stevens                             1.03.41

Rebecca Sinkinson                             1.07.26


June was an extremely and absolutely fabulous July is waiting in the wings....but as I am typing has already begun with the "Loopy Littledown Marathon"  but you will have to wait for this report!  The Portland 10 has also already taken place which was also a Club Champ now it is time to get your entries in the for the next one which is the Tarrant Valley 10k.  Entries are available by post or online but it does not mention "on the day", so do not leave it to chance!!


Well done to all ladies that "did in June"!)


Capt. Hev x 

Tuesday, 06 June 2017 07:10

Ladies May 2017 Race Report



Guess what Ladies....we overtook the boys in Lymington!!  There were 39 of us!!  We are definitely a force to be reckoned with!!  Well I had better start this huge list........


LYMINGTON 10K  -  Club Champ race

Joanna Tomsett                                 42.46

Hannah Collier                                  43.14

Caroline Horder                                 44.15     1st F60

Helen Gilbert                                     44.41

Heather Khoshnevis                          45.07

Kristina Varley                                   46.39

Kathy Fooks                                       47.43

Nanuka Devi-key                               48.15

Maria Everett                                    49.13

Karen Thomson                                 49.19

Karen Shawcross                               48.55

Tracy Ashley                                      49.25

Sam Pain                                           50.10

Anne Claude Roche                          50.15

Julie Bassett                                     50.20

Serena Fooks                                    50.44

Danielle Dixon                                 51.08

Nicola Whittaker                              51.47

Mo Eccleston                                   52.03

Linda Burns                                     52.11

Jane Burns                                       53.24

Amy Rolph                                        54.02

Jackie Jenkins                                   54.58

Josie Harris                                      54.12

Kay Morris                                        55.34

Heidi Snook                                      55.48

Julie Ann Doyle                                 57.58

Emma Rawson                                  59.09

Belina Lopez                                     59.56

Cheryl O'sullivan                              59.36

Vicky Brown                                    1.00.37

Anne Whittaker                               1.00.45

Niamh Mcqillam                             1.01.35

Alexandra Stevens                          1.01.42

Rebecca Sinkinson                          1.02.27

Mary Cusens                                   1.03.18

Angie Bond                                      1.04.59

Rebecca Sheppard                           1.06.09

Gemma Skinner                               1.06.09


There may be a few errors here and I may have even missed one or two off...but that was so epic....I need to lie down!  Please email me if you have been "wronged" in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I know many of you took part in the various races at the Ox, but when I eventually found the results, there were so many different races going on that it would have taken we hours to scroll through and pick you all out!  So Well done to all that took part, and Im sure many of you shared your achievements of this race on Facebook which most have seen by now.  If you wish to do your own report for this, or any other event, then please please do so and send to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will share it with all our members.



What an extremely fabulous first event!  Everyone I have spoken to has said how much they enjoyed this event, and I know I certainly did, so if you were not there this year, then make sure you are next year!!



Caroline Horder                               3.34.25      2nd lady

Heather Khoshnevis                        3.45.31

Julie White                                       3.59.01

Sally Deamer                                    4.03.54

Jackie Jenkins                                   4.06.39 (As most of us know now, Jackie now holds the GB and European marathon record for female 75.                         An absolutely incredible achievement.  Well done Jackie.

Tracey Lander                                   4.11.20

Nanuka Devi Key                              4.25.43

Joanna Tomsett                                4.26.02

Mary Corrigan                                   4.26.12

Mo Eccleston                                    4.33.57   Congratulations on your First Marathon Mo. Great time :-)

Kay Morris                                         4.40.16

Rebecca Sheppard                            6.12.00



Amy Tarr                                            1.49.29

Karen Thomson                                 2.04.39

Vicky Brown                                      2.35.14

Angie Bond                                        2.37.30

Dily Ruffer                                          2.38.08   Well done Dily.  This was a great performance after only returning back to running 5 weeks ago after

emergency surgery and being very poorly.  Glad to have you back with us :-) the usual apologies as I am sure I have missed something or someone off...but blah blah blah...I am only an email away to rectify my mistakes!!!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ......

Happy running in June...hope to see many of you at Puddletown.......Lacock....Purbeck....and parkruns....or anywhere else we end up!!


Don't forget the AGM 20th June 2017 at Hurn Bridge Sports Centre, Hurn ....and remeber to exercise your right to vote.....for your Runner of the Year X


Capt. Hev

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 18:26

Ladies April 2017 Race Report

I must start this report with apologies if you do not get your rightful mention if you have done a race and want to share it with us....there are 3 reasons for this.....1.  Not all results have a seperate list or even show you as being a club member, so therefore I have to scroll through 100's...sometimes 1000's of names to find you and errors can occur...and it does take considerable time that I do not always have!   2. I was not at the race you attended so how would i know you were there!   3.  You did not let me know!  .... simples!!  ..... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is where you can let me know.  Below are the Bay run results and this is a typical example of absence of our club against our name, also Brighton I am sorry in advance! 
Christina Varley 1:45:14 PB
This needs no explanation, you all know what and where  and how lovely it is......
Hannah Collier                                1.37.57     6th lady
Heather Khoshnevis                        1.42.03     1st F55
Carmel Ryan                                    1.47.58
Mo Eccleston                                   1.53.40
Jackie Jenkins                                  1.55.08
Vicky Bishop                                    2.01.04    Welcome back Vicky
Sam Pain                                          2.05.16
Susie Elliott                                      2.07.05
Heidi Snook                                      2.07.39
Fiona Lucas                                      2.07.21
Elena Micheletto                                2.12.00
Mel Roberts                                     2.15.21
Reli Fancy                                         2.33.51
Karen Thomson                                 50.01
Sam Jenkins                                       53.57
Angie Bond                                       1.06.42
Run, walk or crawl a marathon a day for 3 days along the stunning Jurassic Coastal Path.  3 marathons in 3 days is a format that is challenging but achievable by most. Runners, joggers, and walkers all take on the challenge and start at different times each day. The routes each day are marked on issued maps but don't require much navigation to follow as the coastal footpath is well marked along the ways.....did anyone take the plunge???
DAY ONE -  28ish miles!
Caroline Horder        6.28
Julie White               6.15
DAY TWO - another 28ish miles!
Caroline Horder        6.48
Excellent endurance is all I can say...and very well done to you both!
Jenny Beckett             3.43.36
Well done Jenny on this amazing PB and your guaranteed GFA ENTRY into London 2018
Sally Deamer                        3.48.50  A PB!  Excellent...and also a guarenteed GFA London 2018 entry!  LD ladies are taking over!!
Becky Froggatt                      3.54.10
Jacqueline Jenkins                 4.11.28 1st F70  
Tracy Holman Miller               4.31.05
Great times  by you all on such a gorgeous hot day!
Caroline Horder                1.15.03     1st F65
Heather Khoshnevis         1.16.39      2nd F55
Words from Susie Elliott....the time is irrelevant......she just wanted to finish on an extremely hot day amongst 57,000 runners pushing...shoving and throwing banana skins all over the road for everyone to slip on....Mmmm....There must be something nice....but it never was on my "too do" list!  Well done Susie for surviving the battle!
This month is getting busier and busier.....there were 25 orange ladies here, was this because of Club Champ points or a mini egg at the finish!!
We had approximately 50 runners there and this did not go unnoticed and was remarked upon by the organisers and obviously the Bournemouth Echo was impressed too, and we had our famous family portrait displayed therein!!   There is every possibility that some of you  may have been missed off as some where not listed as Littledown Harriers and others may have run in someone else's number, or my eyes just did'nt see your I apologise....let me know if you are missing and we can add you in
Joanna Tomsett                                  45.44
Hannah Collier                                   45.57
Caroline Horder                                 47.27     1st F50
Heather Khoshnevis                          47.32
Kristina Varley                                   50.51
Nanuka Devi-Key                               51.17
Julie Bassett                                      51.41
Sam Pain                                            52.19
Tracy Ashley                                      53.08
Mo Eccleston                                     53.14
Sally Deamer                                     53.59
Heidi Snook                                       55.49
Jackie Jenkins                                    56.14  (Jackie did Parkrun first and THEN ran down to this race!!)
Gemma Skinner                                 56.15
Amanda Shepheard                           57.06
Becky Hawkins                                  57.12
Maxine Bennett                                 58.19
Jenny Beckett                                    1.00.10
Emma Rawson                                  1.02.27
Heather Payne                                  1.02.39
Anne Whittaker                                 1.04.51
Alexandra Stevens                            1.05.00
Mary Cusens                                     1.06.04
Victoria Brown                                  1.06.29
Michelle Elson                                  1.18.21
The 23rd April is now done and dusted so its time to report on this spectacular day for many...... starting with the ...
LONDON MARATHON .... Please note that you could well be missed off for your efforts as I can only take the list of Littledown Harriers as they appear on the results and they do not always get it right! if you are not on the list below....please let me know and I can have you inserted!!
Caroline Horder                                 3.20.53    1st F65 and a PB !!
Heather Khoshnevis                          3.29.43
Kathy Fooks                                      3.42.42
Carmel Ryan                                     3.47.50
Hannah Ridout                                  3.59.56
Jackie Jenkins                                   4.00.39    2nd F70 and a PB!
Nanuka Devi Key                               4.08.20
Wendy Tobin                                     4.55.19
Anne Whittaker                                 5.06.49
Rebecca Sinkinson                             5.10.23
Belinda Lopez                                    5.52.13
Rebecca Shepherd                             5.54.28
Becky Hawkins                                4.28.39    A MASSIVE PB OF ALMOST AN HOUR!!!!  Watch out Greg!
Rachel Smith Harrison                     1.48.37
Mary Cusens                                    2.29.52
Angie Bond                                      2.35.47   From Couch to Half Marathon in less than a year!! Very impressive achievement
NORTH DORSET VILLAGE MARATHON -  DRRL race -  Unfortunately not enough ladies to make a team
Heather Khoshnevis                        3.36.08     3rd lady
Julie White                                       4.04.25
Well done for a very busy and fast April......May is here.....our next Club Champ Race is the Lymington 10k on May 14th....last date for entries is the 12th and there are no entries on the day!!  Hope to see you all there
Captain Hev
Friday, 31 March 2017 20:05

Ladies March 2017 Race Report


WIMBORNE 20 -  5th March

This was a Club Champ race but Im guessing the 20 miles or 3 laps just did  not appeal to many of you...but those that did....well done and you gained some great points that others missed out on! :)

Heather Khoshnevis                      2.37.52    1st F55

Jenny Beckett                                 2.52.59

Tracy Ashley                                   3.09.50

Wendy Tobin                                  3.38.22



The 2nd time I have run this one so I must have liked it the first time!  It is 10 x 2.6mile laps with a tuck shop TEN TIMES!!!  How great is that.  A small and very friendly event - you really do  not notice the same scenery 10 times!! :)

Heather Khoshnevis                     3.41.14



Good old Whitestar Running.....most of you know what this means....Mud...hills....hardcore endurance....and lots of fun and goodies enroute...defintely not to be taken lightly though!!  Our Chairman, Greg Hawkins, chose this to complete his 100th Marathon, and with Becky Hawkins by his side, he completed this admirably and so did Becky, raking in a PB I believe!  Loads of you chose to do the varying distances over the weekend, and the 10 miler proved to be the favourite, probably due to the fact that it was part of the Imperial 10 series, along side Lytchett 10 and Bournemouth 10.  A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO JACKIE JENKINS FOR WINNING HER AGE CATAGORY FOR THIS EVENT.  Well done Jackie :)


Julie White                                     5.06.06

Sally Deamer                                  5.14.13

Becky Hawkins                               5.28.29  

Susie Elliott                                    5.53.04

Julie Bassett                                  7.12.39  (julie also did the 10 miler the day before! Wow! Excellent stuff!)



Tracey Lander                                3.37.12

Carmel Ryan                                  3.38.27

Becky Frogatt                                 3.40.44

Pauline Woods                               4.02.46



Fiona Lucas                                    3.17.09

Sam Jenkins                                    3.25.53



Kristina Varley                                 1.30.31

Hannah Ridout                                1.30.31

Karen Thomson                               1.40.43

Mo Eccleston                                   1.42.31

Sonja Collins                                    1.44.39

Amy Rolph                                        1.45.59

Emma Rawson                                 1.55.23

Jackie Jenkins                                  1.56.16  (1st in Age Cat for Imperial 10 series)

Nicola Whittaker                              2.01.59

Rebecca Sinkinson                           2.02.00

Alexandra Stevens                           2.11.15

Mary Cusens                                    2.11.16

Gemma Skinner                               2.17.31

Heidi Snook                                     2.17.32

chantal Flagg                                  2.17.34

Julie Bassett                                   2.17.33

Josie Harris                                     2.17.35

Melanie Roberts                             2.23.50

Victoria Brown                                2.26.48

Angie Bond                                     2.27.00


Well done to everyone for great running in March.

That now brings us to the end of yet another month and April is now ready to "spring" into action!  Plenty of races ahead and quite a few of you are attempting distances that are new you.  Please let me know if you are "branching out" or if you get a PB or PW (it happens to us all)  and you will be given a special mention :-).

The next Club Championship race is the Rotary Quarter on Easter Saturday, 15th April.  I believe there will be entries on the day unless it becomes full dont delay...enter today!   The next DRRL race is of course the lovely North Dorset Village Marathon  on the 30th April.  I hope to see a few of you there.  CC and DRRL races 2017

Good luck and good running to you all for April and I look forward to reporting on your achievements soon.


Capt.  Hev    


Littledown Harriers Club nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 7pm at the Littledown Centre.

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Monday, 06 March 2017 20:31

Ladies February 2017 Race Report


2 DRRL and Club Champ races with amazing turnouts at both and fantastic runs by everyone.  Both these races were very challenging but Littledown Ladies took them both by storm and scored a double whammy of 1st place ladies teams for the DRRL!  Wow! what a way to go!  Well done to everyone, you are all part of such an amazing achievement.


BLACKMORE VALE HALF MARATHON                      

Joanna Tomsett                                    1.37.08

Carolione Horder                                 1.38.55        1st F55

Heather Khoshnevis                            1.38.55        2nd F55

Hannah Collier                                    1.43.35

Kathy Fooks                                         1.44.52

Tracy Ashley                                        1.53.40

Sam Pain                                              1.53.49

Mo Eccleston                                       1.58,15

Jackie Jenkins                                      1.58.21

Julie Bassett                                        2.03.47

Jenny Beckett                                       2.03.47

Amanda Shepheard                              2.04.19

Maxine Bennett                                    2.10.53

Gemma Skinner                                     2.14.55

Vicky Brown                                          2.23.28


LYTCHETT 10   -  This has to be some kind of Club Ladies entry!!!  30 !  And...I may have even missed a few off due to non prescription reading glasses from primark....or you just got missed off the results as there were discrepancies apparently!!  So sorry if you do not appear but this can be changed if you let us know!

Joanna Tomsett                                     1.10.35      2nd Female overall ...Well done Jo

Helen Gilbert                                        1.13.43

Hannah Collier                                      1.14.04

Heather Khoshnevis                              1.15.46

Serena Fooks                                         1.17.52

Kristina Varley                                       1.19.45

Tracey Lander                                        1.22.48

Mo Eccleston                                         1.24.13    10 mins PB !  excellent...well done Mo

Julie Bassett                                          1.24.41

Karen Shawcross                                    1.24.45

Karen Thomson                                      1.25.18

Tracy Ashley                                           1.25.58

Nicola Whittaker                                    1.27.35

Jackie Jenkins                                         1.27.47

Sonja Collins                                           1.30.11

Amanda Shepheard                                1.30.22

Becky Hawkins                                       1.32.44

Gemma Skinner                                      1.32.58

Chantal Flagg                                         1.33.10

Sam Jenkins                                            1.33.53

Trisha Reilly                                            1.35.28

Anne Whittaker                                       1.39.00

Josie Harris                                             1.39.43

Emma Rawson                                        1.43.58

Rebecca Sinkinson                                  1.45.18

Vicky Brown                                            1.45.25

Alexandra Stevens                                  1.45.48

Mary Cusens                                           1.48.08

Angie Bond                                             1.54.13        First ever 10 miles!  Brilliant! very well done Angie

Melanie Roberts                                     2.02.03

..........Phew......I'm more worn out now than running these races!!



A few of us took off for a few sunny days and of course ran a marathon!  We all had great fun,  plenty of beers, and cheers, especially on marathon day!  A great event, and a fast course with approximately 15,000 runners and many many more spectators....

Caroline Horder                                    3.21.52   marathon PB and 1st F65

Heather Khoshnevis                             3.24.57    1st F55

Sam Pain                                               4.07

Susie Elliott                                           4.34.19



A very undulating testing course...especially a week after the last one!!

Caroline Horder                                  3.48.18       1st F65

Heather Khoshnevis                           3.52.21       1st F55

Sally Deamer                                      4.20.42     Well done on your first race with Littledown Harriers  


BOURNEMOUTH 10 - 26th Feb

Well at first I thought I was missing something! ( no comments please!)  was it a League Race....was it a Club Champ was just very very popular with our lovely ladies!....23 of you....also part of  a 10 mile series of 3 races....well done to you all...and to being the 1ST LADIES TEAM.....EXCELLENT

Helen Gilbert                                      1.12.59

Kristina Varley                                    1.19.33

Karen Thomson                                  1.22.30

Mo Eccleston                                      1.22.40

Julie Bassett                                       1.26.06

Jenny Beckett                                     1.26.33

Sonja Collins                                      1.28.40

Nicola Whittaker                                1.29.53

Jackie Jenkins                                    1.30.23     1st F70

Chantal Flagg                                    1.30.27

Gemma Skinner                                 1.31.52

Trisha Reilly                                       1.32.10

Sam Jenkins                                       1.34.01

Maxine Bennett                                 1.36.12

Josie Harris                                        1.37.17

Elena Micheletto                               1.40.15

Rebecca Sinkinson                            1.41.28

Emma Rawson                                  1.42.08

Alexandra Stevens                            1.43.54

Mary Cusens                                     1.47.00

Mel Roberts                                      1.50.18

Vicky Brown                                      1.52.07

Angie Bond                                       1.53.09


Well that was a lot of legs running this month!!    As i'm a bit late writing this epic report, the Wimborne 20 took place yesterday which was a Club Champ race which will be reported on later.....There are no DRRL or Club races for the rest of this  month so this means you can train train train ready for April 15th which is the Rotary Quarter , which is the next club race and then on 30th April there is the North Dorset Village Marathon which is the next DRRL race......I will be at I will look foward to seeing lots of you there too   Have a wonderful March x


Captain Hev

Thursday, 02 February 2017 21:55

Ladies January 2017 Ladies Report



What a day to start off the 2017 DRRL and Club Championship Races!!  1st January indeed!!! ...Lets see who survived the night before and braved the day!!.......WOW...22 of us!!  Dedicated obviously!

108         Caroline Horder                  47.52      1st F60

118         Helen Gilbert                      49.12

135         Heather Khoshnevis            50.22

139         Jenny Beckett                      50.45

147         Kathy Fooks                         51.19

167         Nanuka Devi-key                 52.42

169         Tracey Lander                     52.47

173         Serena Fooks                      53.03

221         Julie Bassett                       55.34

224         Samantha Pain                   55.57

252         Tracy Ashley                       58.18

264         Nicola Whittaker                59.06

273         Gemma Skinner                  1.00.16

300         Chantal Flagg                     1.03.06

321         Rebecca Sinkinson             1.06.14

333         Anne Whittaker                  1.08.32

334         Melanie Roberts                1.09.22

342         Rebecca Sheppard             1.11.12

352         Angie Bond                        1.12.12

353         Victoria Brown                   1.12.12

355         Josie Harris                        1.12.32

356        Heidi Snook                         1.12.32        (371 finishers)



Tracey Lander                                   3.59



Well as far as I have been informed and am aware, that is it for January.   Lets hope that February can bring us a little more warmth.  The next Club Championship DRRL races are the Blackmore Vale Half on 5th Feb (no entries on the day - postal entries close on 3rd Feb) and Lytchett 10 on the 12th February which I am sorry to tell you, it is FULL ...but we do have 34 ladies signed up, so see you all there.


Well done to an excellent start to the year.  If you want a race you have done reported on that I do not know about then please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (I know longer use the previous Ladycaptain one as got too much spam and I couldnt delete anything due to technical errors that I do not understand!!)   See you at the races ��


Captain Hev x

Monday, 09 January 2017 21:33

Ladies December 2016 Race Report




128       Serena Fooks                         45.48

236       Mo Eccleston                         52.44

238       Jacqueline Jenkins                 52.49    1st F70

273       Sam Jenkins                           55.08

316       Anne Whittaker                     57.47

349       Becky Hawkins                      59.41

375       Mary Cusens                        1.01.35

436       Michelle Elson                     1.06.52       (487 finishers)



41       Caroline Horder                     1.19.29     1st Vet

56       Heather Khoshnevis               1.23.00

66       Kristina Varley                       1.26.03

111     Trisha Rielly                            1.38.22

112     Jane Burns                              1.38.23     (161 finishers)



108     Hannah Collier                        44.45

113     Heather Khoshnevis               45.20     1st F55

158     Kristina Varley                         48.26

297     Melanie Roberts                      1.02.10


FROZEN MARATHON - Waltham on Thames

Heather Khoshnevis                           3.39.33   1st Female


Well...that was December, and seeings as I am so so late in writing this report due to a busy month .....I will not wish you all a Happy Christmas...but a very Happy and successful New Year in all that you do and play....and of course...Health


Captain Hev x

Monday, 28 November 2016 20:22

Ladies November 2016 Race Report

A20 Paths and Downs Marathon - Kent - 13th Nov


With views up to 25 miles from atop The Downs, the scenery can be awesome. You run along tarmac pathways along the A20 and quiet country lanes on The Downs. All turns are marshalled and signed, water/feed stations at approx 3 mile intervals...this sounds like  a lovely "away one"....we had one lady attend this, and a very speedy one too.....

11th    Caroline Horder     3.33.12    1st lady - 1st Age group - Superwoman!   (93 finishers)


WIMBORNE 10M - 20th Nov 


There is only one description for this race and its all about the cakes!  This was the penultimate Club Champ and DRRL and certainly attracted you in your thousands....I now have a mammoth task of listing you all so apologies for any errors as my eyes are gonna get cross!!!  Well done and thank you all for supporting the club so overwhelmingly.

83      Joanna Tomsett                          1.10.56   1st Fsnr

107    Helen Gilbert                              1.13.35

122    Hannah Colllier                           1.14.38    2nd Fsnr

179    Becky Frogatt                              1.18.37

208    Krystina Varley                            1.20.20

229    Nanuka Devi-key                        1.21.42

240    Emer Mcdermott                        1.22.31  (great to see your name back here in results)

270    Jenny Beckett                             1.24.29

284    Katie Collingwood                      1.26.02

289    Julie Bassett                                1.26.22

302    Jackie Jenkins                             1.27.10   1st F70

305   Amanda Shepheard                    1.27.16

306   Mo Eccleston                               1.27.20

313   Nicola Whittaker                        1.28.10

315   Chantal Flagg                              1.28.17

320   Sonja Collins                               1.28.51

389   Gemma Skinner                          1.37.16

394   Anne Whittaker                          1.37.30

399   Rebecca Sinkinson                     1.39.39

420   Melanie Roberts                        1.44.41

423   Alexandra Stevens                     1.45.28

431   Mary Cusens                              1.46.31

452   Rebecca Sheppard                      1.54.48                  (464 finishers)


WOW!  That was loads!  I am expecting the same next week for Boscombe 10k so I had better rest my eyes and fingers in anticipation!  Just for your information for now.....we were 3rd team for the DRRL at Wimborne which is pretty fantastic!  We are now standing 3rd in the league, one point ahead of Poole Runners, with one race to go!  I wonder if we can hold 3rd till the this space!!



This is a 6 hour timed event with laps of just over 5k so you can do as many or as few as you like to make up the distance you would like to do which you decide as you are running!  Great fun day out was had  by us all...and on a school day!

Caroline Horder                             3.38.44

Heather Khoshnevis                      3.53.24

Julie White                                     4.00.17

Naomi Bennett                              4.28.10

Kay Morris                                      4.42.06

Susie Elliott                                    5.11.08

And not forgetting our King of Cakes who gets a mention for bravery...coming with us!! ...

Paolo De luca                                4.38.49


BOSCOMBE 10K -  27th Nov

Well what can I say except absolutely breathtakingly amazing turnout and performances!!  You all really did our club proud!!  Each and everyone of us has contributed to the ladies finishing 3rd overall in the DRRL.....what an amazing achievement for us all...Well done... 

Joanna Tomsett 43:14
Helen Gilbert 43:54
Hannah Collier 45:17
Heather Khoshnevis 46:30
Jennifer Beckett 46:50
Hannah Ridout 47:11
Kristina Varley 48:03
Amy Rolph 48:34
Nanuka Devi Key 49:00
Katie Collingwood 50:00
Julie Bassett 51:19
Amanda Shepheard 51:30
Mo Eccleston 52:02
Sonja Collins 53:04
Jacqueline Jenkins 53:07
Amanda Pateman 54:32
Sam Jenkins 54:37
NicolaWhittaker 54:39
ElizabethTrapp 55:56
Becky Hawkins 56:42
Alexandra Stevens 59:54
Vicky Brown 1:00:45
Dily Ruffer 1:01:16
Melanie Roberts 1:02:37
Susan Field 1:04:19
Cheryl O'Sullivan 1:04:23
WOW WOW WOW ..... MOST INCREDIBLE!!  Well folks...that's it for this year as far as the DRRL and Club Champ races are concerned....what an amazing year for come 3rd in the DRRL is fantastic, and our men's team have come 2nd...there sure will be some celebrations at the Christmas party this year!!  
First Division Ladies Teams JQ BV BH ND PO PP PU RR HO GO WM BO Best Position
Bournemouth AC 1 1 1   2 1 3 3 1 1 1 2 7 1
Poole AC 2 2 4 6 3 7 1 1 3 6 5 1 13 2
Littledown Harriers 4 6 2 3 4 2 7 7 2 2 3 4 18 3
Poole Runners 6 3 3 4 1 5 2 6 4 5 2 3 18 4
Lytchett Manor Striders 3 4 5 5 5 3 4 2 6 3 4 5 23 5
Purbeck Runners 7 5 6 1 6 4 5 5 7 7 7 7 32 6
Wimborne AC 5 7 7 2 7 6 6 4 5 4 6 6 32 7
There are still a few races to be run before Christmas, so hope to see some of you there....if not...remember the New Year kicks off with the first DRRL race on the 1st January - Broadstone Quarter get your entries in fast!! Click here
...and finally while you've got your cheque book out get your entry in for the first 4 Club Championship races announced for 2017 and check out all the DRRL events for 2017 too Click here
...and finally, finally remember to pencil in the Club CC awards night in the Littledown Centre bar on Saturday 21st January 2017.
Captain Hev 
Thursday, 03 November 2016 18:06

Ladies October 2016 Race Report

Ladies...and Gents (if you read this)....You may need a large glass of wine or pint whilst reading this as it is action jam-packed!!



There were literally millions of us out here goes.....apologies if any of this is wrong due to unauthorised number swaps which we will talk about later!!!

5K - Sat 1st Oct

528       Gemma Skinner                                       30.53

532       Chantel Flagg                                           30.53

533        Julie Bassett                                            30.54

1279      Nicola House                                           40.12     (1562 finishers)

10K - Sat 1st Oct.

234       Rachel Smith-Harrison                            48.44

331       Julie Bassett                                            51.22    - 2 races in one day! very impressive!

418       Amy Rolph                                                52.52

643       Sam Jenkins                                              56.31

779       Caroline Searle                                         58.37

1082     Rachel Robins                                          1.03.02

1143     Jose Harris                                               1.03.45

1394     Susan Field                                               1.07.43

1599     Lynn M itcham                                          1.12.35     (1858 finishers)


HALF MARATHON - Sun 2nd Oct.

270      Helen Gilbert                                            1.36.00   3rd F40

477      Amy Tarr                                                    1.41.02

625      Sarah Hole                                                 1.43.54

908      Hannah Ridout                                           1.49.22

1269    Jacqueline Jenkins                                     1.55.28   1st F70

1414    Amanda Shepheard                                   1.57.29

1416    Nicola Whittaker                                        1.57.30

1577    Sonja Collins                                              2.00.09

1720    Gemma Skinner                                          2.02.18  - well done Gemma - 5k also the day before!

1978    Wendy Tobin                                              2.06.05

2103    Rebecca Sinkinson                                     2.08.32

2175    Emma Rawson                                           2.09.59

2281    Dily Ruffer                                                  2.09.59

2849    Reli Fancy                                                   2.27.09

2919   Helen Gallimore                                          2.29.36       (3333 finishers)


MARATHON - Sun 2nd Oct.

212    Joanna Tomsett                                             3.30.19  Well done on your PB - now to get rid of 20 secs! 

325    Heather Khoshnevis                                      3.41.43     1st F55

593    Karen Schullkins                                            3.56.27

774    Nanuka Devi-key                                           4.07.24

1278  Sarah Webb                                                   4.37.20      (2018 finishers)

Wow...that was loads of us enjoying our beautiful seafront and the fantastic organisation throughout, many from our own running club! A truly brilliant weekend and thoroughly recommended.



69      Kathy Fooks                                                 4.02.05    1st F55

87      Caroline Horder                                           4.06.37    1st F65

99     Julie White                                                    4.11.38

272   Susie Elliott                                                   5.12.59



Some Littledown Harriers really do like to spread the "Orange Glow" -

Tracey Lander                                                        3.59.59  well done Tracey - a perfect sub 4 !



The event was held in a small private nature reserve which forms part of the Dorney Lake estate.  Dorney Lake was the venue for the 2012 Olympic rowing events which saw Team GB win 4 gold medals in the rowing events as well as a gold in the canoe sprint. 

This was a "free trial" event for a new running event company called Running Miles and I can honestly say it was first class and the tuck shop fuel station was the best ever, along with our chocolate filled goody bags and free tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival!  What is there not to like! They have now organised their next events which take place on 9th March and 15th June so if you liked the sound of this one, then come and join me!

Heather Khoshnevis          3.48.46

Susie Elliott                       4.59.56



138      Caroline Horder          1.36.50   1st F.65

196      Julie White                  1.42.32



70      Joanna Tomsett                   1.00.24

94      Hannah Collier                    1.02.43

114    Becky Froggatt                    1.04.11

126    Tracey Lander                     1.04.54

156    Carmel Ryan                       1.07.46

191    Tracy Ashley                       1.10.06

335    Becky Hawkins                   1.22.13

399    Pauline Woods                   1.33.02

404    Mary Cusens                      1.33.52

405    Michelle Elson                   1.33.51


Sorry if your name has been  missed off this one but the results did not display anyone's club so it was purely names that I recognised!


GOLD HILL 10K - Club Champ and DRRL race - 9th Oct.


Well done Ladies for 1st team prize 

65     Helen Gilbert                     48.31

88     Kathy Fooks                        51.14

136   Jenny Beckett                     55.46

143   Julie Bassett                      56.37

173   Chantel Flagg                    1.00.17

178   Jackie Jenkins                    1.01.17

206   Vicky Brown                       1.08.00



70     Heather Khoshnevis         3.54.39    1st F55      (240 F)



This has been absent from the marathon calender since 1993 and has now returned to test your strength and character apparently!  A very pretty 2 lap course (with the choice of a half marathon) taking you through pretty Kent villages and country lanes....BUT be warned...there is 2500ft of climbing involved!! 

19    Heather Khoshnevis         3.53.52     2nd Female and 1st F55      (80 finishers)



This was the first time for this marathon, with a 5k, 10k, and half option, and it does sound rather nice!

The route is a picturesque journey through some of the most spectacular Dorset countryside, classed as the gateway to the Jurassic coast it will follow quite roads taking you from Burton Bradstock to Litton Cheney, a picturesque village in the heart of Dorset, before you head back towards Burton Bradstock and the spectacular views back towards the Jurassic coast, all routes will return through Burton Bradstock itself, time if you have the energy to take in the Beauty around you,The marathon will follow two laps of the Half marathon course.

4     Caroline Horder             3.47.55      1st Female

10   Julie White                     4.01.58                        ( 32 finishers)



This has always been a popular one with the club in past years, and I understand some members even made the Newspaper headlines at the Airport!!!!!

2417     Joanna Tomsett        3.30.38   (those seconds again!!)



Kathy and Tracey gave this one a go, and it sounded great.  There was also the option of a half marathon and a 10k.

216      Kathy Fooks         3.47.41    and she brought home the 1st F55 trophy all the way from Spain!  Well done.

336     Tracey Lander      4.04.53        (550 Finishers)



Nanuka Devi-key                            1.28.30



Jacqueline Jenkins                         1.26.12    1st F70

Jane Burns                                     1.31.07

Vicky Brown                                   1.43.02

Karen Burghart                               1.47.47


THE STICKLER - 10.1 Miles - Club Champ Race

143       Joanna Tomsett                          1.27.45

196       Kathy Fooks                                1.31.44

231       Hannah Collier                           1.34.58

281       Nanuka Devi-key                        1.39.07

282      Tracey Lander                              1.39.08

302      Becky Froggatt                             1.41.05

325      Kristina Varley                             1.43.07

347      Hannah Ridout                             1.44.51

362      Tracy Ashley                                 1.46.45

372      Jenny Beckett                               1.48.29

386      Amanda Shepheard                      1.50.34

400      Julie Bassett                                 1.52.07

434      Chantal Flagg                               1.57.05

437      Jane Burns                                    1.57.18

440     Susie Elliott                                   1.57.38

456     Nicola Whittaker                           2.01.03

480     Rebecca Sinkinson                        2.06.16

492     Gemma Skinner                             2.14.00

493    Josie Harris                                     2.14.00

497    Mary Cusens                                   2.15.46

503    Melanie Robers                               2.24.30


WOW!  That was epic!  Not sure if it was the call of the hills and mud that attracted you all to this one, or just your absolute dedication to getting those last few remaining Club Championship points!  Either way,  Well done for a fine orange turnout.


So thats beautiful Autumnal October done and now as we head towards 2 or 3 months of fresh winter....we have 2 more very important races to run! They are both the remaining chances to score for both the Club Champ and DRRL.  These are the Wimborne 10 (cakes cakes cakes!) and Boscombe 10k.  Unfortunately if you have not already entered, they are both full!  If you are lucky enough to be offered a number from some poor soul who cannot run on the day,  please can you make sure that you contact the Race Organiser to change the details.  This is very very important for a number of reasons!


Well done ladies for an amazing month of running,  I now hope to be coming to the club on Tuesday nights so those of you who I have not met in person (I see so many new names popping out of race results) I shall look forward to meeting you.


Happy  Running


Captain Hev



Littledown Harriers Club nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 7pm at the Littledown Centre.

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Saturday, 08 October 2016 20:22

Ladies September 2016 Race Report

This is gonna be an long better get on with it...!



491    Nanuki Devi-Key          1.50.09      (1507 finishers)

Well done Devi on a great time and finishing in the top 1/3rd and thank you for letting me know you ran this great race. 


THE BEAST -  Everyone's favourite....except mine!!

90        Kathy Fooks                            1.56.04       1st F55   

108      Joanna Tomsett                     1.59.45

124      Tracey Lander                        2.02.46

132      Hannah Collier                      2.04.32

157      Julie White                            2.09.13

188      Krystina Varley                      2.15.12

192      Tracey Ashley                        2.15.39

193      Becky Froggatt                      2.15.46

258      Sam Pain                                2.31.00

268      Amanda Shepheard             2.32.34

291      Kay Morris                             2.41.07

306      Julie Bassett                          2.45.41

310      Jenny Beckett                        2.48.29

313     Gemma Skinner                      2.50.34     (524 finishers)





396     Wendy Tobin                          1.01.12      (983 finishers)



188     Helen Gilbert                          1.39.25

598     Sam Pain                                 1.54.57

629     Mo Eccleston                          1.56.26

630     Jackie Jenkins                         1.56.26    (1st F70)

722     Linda Burns                             1.59.28   (1st F60)

           Maxine Bennett                      2.07.22

1286   Dily Ruffer                               2.23.08

1334   Mary Cusens                           2.25.33

1441   Karen Burghart                       2.36.06

1498   Michelle Elson                        2.45.02     (1566 finishers)



84      Caroline Horder                       3.36.49     (1st F60)

115    Heather Khoshnevis                3.44.18    (1st F50)

212    Serena Fooks                            3.58.56

317    Kathy Fooks                              4.21.37

328    Naomi Bennett                         4.22.43  (I don't usually include 2nd claim members but Naomi did used to be a full timer and she completed her 100th marathon at this event, so massive congratulations to Naomi) 

WOW!  4 Lady Harriers with Age Catagory wins and each of us will receive free entry into next year's event!  Great prize!



A beautiful but tough circular half marathon in the beautiful Somerset / Dorset countryside, open to runners, walkers, horse riders and canicross entrants. Dogs most definately welcome. There is also cake, mountains of cake. There is a free lunch at the half way point, beautiful finishers medals, dog treats and bandanas for the dogs!   This sounds like a great day out!!

Jo   Tomsett                2.01.35

Caroline Horder            2.11.48


KENT COYOTE MARATHON - 21 laps of a  Cyclopark - reverse route of the popular Kent Roadrunner.

23     Heather Khoshnevis       3.36.03    (1st Lady)          (281 finishers)



The Purbeck Marathon takes place in Swanage, Purbeck and the Jurassic Coast which has spectacular history, landscapes and views. The course with around 3000 feet of climbs provides a predominately off-road Marathon that is both challenging and rewarding.

Tracy Lander was our only lady there this year but i'm sure many more of you will be there next year as i know you all like a challenge!!

46th      Tracey Lander             4.27.55



This was a DRRL and Club Champ race....17 ladies in attendance and if my calculations are correct...we were 3rd team for the DRRl which is pretty amazing considering the force of the teams we have to battle against!!  Well done to all of us for supporting our club 

79     Joanna Tomsett                                35.02

81     Helen Gilbert                                    35.15

121   Heather Khoshnevis                         37.25

134   Kathy Fooks                                      38.17

147   Krystina Varley                                 39.06

153   Nanuka Devi-key                              39.30

176   Julie Bassett                                     40.58

184   Amy Rolfe                                         42.02

208   Chantel Flagg                                   43.43

209   Gemma Skinner                                43.44

211   Sam Jenkins                                      43.48

216   Jacqueline Jenkins                            44.11

242   Dily Ruffer                                         47.37

245   Rebecca Sinkinson                            47.54

251   Anne Whittaker                                 48.57

257   Alexandra Stevens                             50.15

293   Lynn Mitcham                                    58.40        (314 finishers)


I did say that September was a busy month!!  Well done to everyone for some great achievements and lots of fun on the run....time for new beginnings in October now which brings us to the next DRRL and Club Championship race on the 9th which is the Gold Hill 10k in Shaftestbury.  Entries will be available on the day if it is not already full!  Then there is The Stickler on the 30th which is our Club Championship Race and there are still entries available on-line.  


...See you at the October races ladies 


Capt. Hev  

Littledown Harriers Club nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 7pm at the Littledown Centre.
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